Mac Not able to install Windos XP-pro in Maxtor Sata

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Hi, i had my pc working well, i have an Asus a7n8x-e deluxe, Maxtor Sata 80gb 7200rpm HD, i wanted to format because i thought it began to run slower, so i did, i inserted the windows xp-pro cd, when it asked for third party drives y pressed f6 everything worked fine. I inserted my disk, formated everything whent good, then an error ocurred:
The disk or Cd you inserted may be damaged.
Press ENTER to try again. Make sure you are using the correct disk or cd.If you continue to see this message try using another copy of the disk or cd.

I know it is the correct disk because its the one i used to format the HD. I downloaded the drivers from asus web page.
What can i do?? i really need help....
if any one can help me plz.. do so!


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may have copy'd corrupt
or cd is dirty I just did same thing with raid array drivers had to wipe off a coupl'a fingerprints then all worked fine hope thats all you need to do
read somewhere to format sata with 16k clusters ?
I run scsi so I don't know if that is right may not be able to defrag ?

well... i have a scsi i dont know if it is the same than a sata but my pc recognizes it as scsi.
The thing is... i should clean the cd??
or copy the drivers to another disk again to see if it was that the files were corrupt?
wow.. i really need help!!! can someone plz answer??? :confused:
i cleaned the windows cd as u said up there, but nothing happened... its not the cd cause i used a win2k cd and same thing happened....


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start from scratch
load WXP and don't use the F6 key
let's see if xp finds the HDD if not
do a fresh download of the drivers for your sata controller
don't put the inf files in a folder on CD when viewing CD inf file will be visable
in first tree
hope I'm getting you right as problem occurs when after you hit the F6 key and try to install drivers?
still can't read cdrom you may want to think about building a new XP disc with
SATA drivers installed on it ,there are lots of sites out there that talk you through making a new self installing OS

If the problem is not during this time but just trying to read any CD-Rom
I have had CDrom go on me I think I used bad disc
same problem, different year

I, too, am being frustrated by the same problem. I tried copying the Promise SATA driver files (.inf) directly onto the floppy without putting them in folders. That did not work. I cleaned the WinXP CD. No go. I know it is not the CD b/c the only drive being accessed when this happens is the floppy, and when I try to press on, it asks that I place the SATA driver floppy into the a: drive.

Keep in mind: I am trying to reinstall Win XP Pro to get rid of ACPI as I am having USB mouse problems. So when I go to do the reinstall, I have to do F5 and F6: F5 to designate a "Standard PC" HAL, and F6 to install my third-party SCSI/SATA drivers.

Any help is vastly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Did anybody experience this before

For 2 months on my wifes computer( Asus A7N8X-E) I installed windows XP pro with sata maxtor 80g by doing the procedures menchened.Yesterday after having the computer off all night,I tried to bootup the computer and It would go just past the harddisk regegnition then hang the computer everytime. I had to do a bios update before it would go far enough for the cdroms to be regegnized, by the sata harddisk would come (everytime)a message "!"§%& :)" then it would hang.So then I tried a harddisk format and since then I can't install the OS.The installation would go normal with the F6 and all, all the way till the window program asked you what partition you to use,but with me it tells me theres no harddisk to install on. So I had to put my old ata harddisk in again which sacrificies on the performance bigtime.Me not knowing enough about viruses decided to install the sata harddisk on my computer(Asus P4P800),as a second harddisk to my sata harddisk setup to test the harddisk if it was working :( It did the same thing to my computer too, so I had to give both harddisk (80gig and a 160gig)a low level format because after 10 hours of playing around with I decided it had to be a virus so after that I got both of them to working again with the usual procedure.
Weid things happen.
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