NSA tracks cellphone locations worldwide to map relationships between owners

By Shawn Knight ยท 12 replies
Dec 5, 2013
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  1. The National Security Agency gathers close to five billion records per way with regard to the whereabouts of cell phones across the globe. The information is then stored in a massive database that keeps track of the locations of hundreds...

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  2. insect

    insect TS Evangelist Posts: 349   +132

    Another waste of government money... why spent all this time hacking when people free report their location to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter by "checking in" at some location? /sarcasm
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  3. amstech

    amstech IT Overlord Posts: 1,936   +1,101

    Tell those officials I have hacked into their phones and computers. I am watching/reading their private phone calls and emails then using the data to build a threat profile based on their activity. I know thier childrens birthdays and schools they attend, and should I get mad & feel the need I will teach them a real lesson.
    When they come to my house and try to arrest me I'll say "my programs to collect and analyze data are within the bounds of the law."
  4. How is that "Hope & Change" treating you now?
  5. ... among other things.

    ... and saying 'everyone' would be too easy.
  6. dennis777

    dennis777 TS Enthusiast Posts: 285   +33

    It seems to me that "they are using Foursquare account and they got friends worldwide"
  7. If you've been keeping score or paying attention you know that none of this spying business started under Obama. It's a government problem that transcends political party.
  8. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 9,739   +3,706

    You lost me! Who the hell said this started under Obama in this conversation?
  9. insect

    insect TS Evangelist Posts: 349   +132

    The guest. For those who were not inundated with presidential campaign rhetoric a few years ago Obama's campaign slogans used the words "Hope" and "Change" and the guest made a snide remark rather than make a thoughtful response or even think about the fact that the Patriot Act that allowed all of this was signed into law by a democratic congress and a republican president with the full support of a fearful public shortly after 9/11/01.
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  10. I understand the motivation, and appreciate the complexity of the NSA trying to do their job and fulfill the duty they are entrusted with. I can see the rational progression of logic by politicians, believing that the pursuit of physical safety merits some constitutional infringement of individual liberty. I am resigned to the fact that the inefficiencies of any large system will lead to failures of oversight, and thoroughly believe that the United States government is necessarily a large system.

    But Jesus F**king Christ. It is possible to serve one's country without intentionally abusing the weaknesses in the system and sh*tting on the entire purpose of democracy, I.e. not living in a fascist and totalitarian State. If constitutional surveillance means we are actually more vulnerable to physical attack, so be it, and consider it the cost of living in a country that honestly values freedom and liberty.
  11. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,477   +126

    Security and files and people and known whereabouts have changed since 9/11 era. The government agencies that police us here in the USA will take whatever means possible to protect this country from threats outside this country or within it. No matter what party is in the White House now. That's all Folks!
  12. psycros

    psycros TS Evangelist Posts: 1,877   +1,298

    That's the problem - there's nothing "constitutional" about it. Life, LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness. Where is liberty when you are being tracked WITHOUT CAUSE? This is presumption of guilt, folks. Its the very antithesis of what America stands for. And yet only a handful of us will actually care until the door is being kicked in because you posted on a forum that you disagree with the government. Its happening all over the country right now..dig a little deeper and its not that hard to find the examples. The misguided conservative hawks in the previous administration set the stage for what we're seeing today. The current administration is barely bothering to conceal its totalitarian desires and is happy to abuse its power to push an agenda and silence dissent. We are living in incredibly dangerous times.
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  13. Eddo22

    Eddo22 TS Booster Posts: 166   +8

    It's no longer 'Innocent until proven guilty' It's 'Guilty until proven innocent'!

    My brother already experienced this early this year. He was hit by a drunk driver while he was out on his mountain bike. The rcmp took everything of his including his torn clothes as if he was suspect for getting hit. They even took things apart like his mini flashlight and bike presumably looking for drugs.

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