NT Authority/system

By lupi
Feb 24, 2005
  1. Hi Guys,
    Wondering if you can help me on this, I have been reading all the Posts on this problem but I am still stuck.

    I have a laptop running XP Home which kept on running CHKDSK on startup, it also had Mydoom Virus on it. After running Stinger Mydoom was found and deleted. :) Then the real problems started. Service pack 2 was loaded on and things started to slow down, And the "NT Authority/system" shutdown in 60 seconds started to appear.

    I followed all of the advice from the older posts and downloaded the patches from Microsoft site but as I have SP2 the patch is "Older than the one already Installed" Any ideas? As far as I can see it's something to do with W32 Blaster.

    Oh one more problem has reared it's head today, I cannot stop the shut down procedure as I now have no Task bar so cannot Run "shutdown -a".

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