NTLDR is missing and can't access BIOS menu

  1. Hi everyone.

    I'm not really very knowledgeable about computers so.. hopefully I can explain this properly. I apologize in advance for the length of this post.

    I have a Dell Inspirion 1720 that I've had for about 7 years now. It had some issues due to the OS (Windows Vista) not being installed properly. I had a friend wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows 7 a few years back. I didn't have any issues until recently. I haven't messed with the OS or any drivers, anything at all besides basic care like defrag and virus/spyware scans (I basically only used it for music and Netflix), but now when I boot up the laptop it gives me the message "NTLDR is missing press any key to restart". Except, nothing makes it restart, hitting any keys will just make it spam that message over and over. CTL+ALT+DEL doesn't work and I have to perform a hard restart every time. If I restart it gives me two options, F2 setup and F12 boot menu. When I try to access the BIOS menu, it brings up the same screen stating the NTLDR is missing and I can't get around it to try and perform any fixes that I've found online. Is there anything else that I can possibly try? Or is my dear laptop a goner? Keep in mind, I'm not very tech savvy so there's likely something that I misunderstood or may have messed up because I didn't comprehend what I was trying to read.

    Thanks in advance to any who may have advice for me and thank you for taking the time to read my question.
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