Nvidia begins taking defective notebook GPU claims

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Jan 17, 2011
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  1. Nvidia has finally begun taking claims in the class-action settlement from late last year regarding a defective laptop GPU issue to which Nvidia (partially) admitted in 2008. The issue involved heat-related problems due presumably to weak packaging materials used in a batch of the company’s GeForce 8 series graphics chips, which caused a large a number of Dell, HP, and Apple laptops models to experience distortions, scrambled video and others on their displays.

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  2. Julio Franco

    Julio Franco TechSpot Editor Posts: 7,667   +988

    Over the last couple of years several people have come to me for support with their defective notebooks and to my surprise (at first) was a defective Nvidia GPU. It's not that easy to figure out but then looking up for similar symptoms in Google (random freeze ups, etc.) huge discussion threads were revealed on manufacturer's websites with laptop owners complaining about the exact same things after a year or two of ownership. It's a good thing this has been brought up to light beyond unanswered users' complaints.
  3. RaiDeR55

    RaiDeR55 TS Rookie Posts: 45

    I'm glad to see that Nvidia finally doing something on there end of this ordeal.I tried to get my HP laptop dv9xxxxx series fixed or replaced by Hp. called them up explained the problems the laptop was having.Which matched some of the problems on their website.That stated you would have a extended warranty if your said laptop fell under any of the problems on the HP website I told the rep.He said no go and out of warranty.All he did was offer to sell me another laptop(Compaq) not a HP.I passed on that offer.So no satisfaction from HP once again.. Maybe Nvidia can do me some good this time around.
  4. Per Hansson

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    Too bad the nVidia settlement only applies to US residents.
    I've got a Dell M1710 with faulty Geforce 7950GTX...

    Was thinking of upgrading to the Quadro 1600M in the Dell M6300 which apparently fits, but now I see it covered by the settlement too so now I'm not so sure anymore.
    Would be nice to have a list with updated part numbers that are actually fixed, for us customers outside the US...
  5. NVIDIA and HP truly suck. They should have gotten in front of this issue years ago. Instead of just blowing customers off. I bought my worthless HP laptop in 2007. Repeated calls (and I do mean repeated calls) to HP only brought an offer of me purchasing a new laptop or a new motherboard. Nice. 4 years is long time to wait for satisfaction. And - get this - in order to get a replacement laptop from HP - you need to have saved your laptop AND your original receipt. How many people actually have both. I wonder how many millions of dollars they saved by dragging this out 4+ years. Just incredible. I will NEVER purchase an HP laptop again.
  6. Only Americans... I have the same problems on my HP laptop and cant file a goddamn claim because I live in Europe.
  7. My XPS1710 has suffered two 7950GTX graphics card failures. The first was 21 months after buying the laptop and the second after a further 2 months when the LCD was also replaced. The 4 year extended warranty is about to expire and I have been offered a one year extension by Dell for £120. That could be cost effective as I am resident in the Uk and can't join the nVidia class action.

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