Nvidia believes graphics card supplies will improve in the second half of 2022


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I was part of the NewEgg Shuffle for over a year and never won... so yeah, not in my control and I couldn't just wait and pray for a new card, so the bundle deal was the best thing I could find for the card I wanted. If this was for entertainment purposes, I wouldn't have been so impatient, but this was for work purposes and timing was important.

And the word you're looking for is "looking" wise guy...
It was still your choice to purchase the bundle. You probably could have found a 3080Ti for a similar price or slightly less on ebay if you were that hard up for one, but you would have been short a mouse and monitor if you did.

I'd look at your purchase then, if a 3080Ti was what you needed and you finally got it off newegg shuffle, as a win. Even though it came at a steep price and came with other items you probably didn't need nor want, but at least you have more to show for your money over spending around the same amount on just a scalped GPU off ebay.

My last post was while I was typing on the phone, it's not always the easiest to use for replying and navigating on forums.
Steel and steal have two completely different meanings. An incorrect letter (a k instead of an I) in a word just makes it spelled wrong in my situation.


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By the times prices normalize most people that needed a GPU will already have one.

Totally the opposite. Likely most gamers who owned a GPU already before the shortage are waiting over current generation. The demand will be even higher than now, so Nvidia's estimate can certainly be called optimistic, although they don't exactly promise anything specific here. Whenever there is a shortage of something the demand accumulates.

The question is when the crypto bubble bursts, since it certainly will. I would be extremely surprised if this would happen as late as 2023, and maybe Nvidia too is partly counting on that. If crypto gets yet more valuable and popular without a burst before summer then say goodbye to your new GPU, because you are not going to get it. I believe values of various cryptos will crash before summer, so this would be good news for gamers, but this is just an assumption.

Now, if you ponder if you should wait for the next generation of Radeons before deciding what to buy, that is a tough question to answer this early. It's always a tough purchase situation when competing manufacturers have a big time gap between their releases. It's a situation where you may be willing to gamble a little, which makes all little more exciting, at least to me. You can guess, that I'm strongly considering a Lovelace GPU if they are normally priced and available.
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