Nvidia doesn't need us anymore: How is the GeForce RTX 3080 12GB launching to zero reviews


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That is exactly what we are living nowadays. A controlled market full of cartels. As another example, the energy companies in Europe.
Most big companies and politicians make cartels. If people are dumb and don't protest (= buy scalpers prices, energy prices increase and just protest in coffees, etc) then they keep doing it.

Anyone paying the actual street or ebay prices are dumb and desperate. No way gaming is actually worth those absurd prices.

You earn so you can pay it? Good for you, but you are just saying videocard companies and scalpers "keep doing it, I'll pay whatever you ask". So you pay $1500 for a $500 card?! Next gen will cost $1000 and will sell for $2000.

On my side:
- I'll hold it out and play over game pass ultimate + eventually buy an Xbox series X, there are plenty on stock where I live.
- All other games play fine on my hardware even if it is at 720p or FHD, eventually AMD gpu, at least where I live there is stock and prices are decent

Nvidia, scalpers? As long as there are alternatives, no thank you. I am no geek without family and friends who just has games on free time.
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And nVidia is not?
I never said they were not. But you were painting a pretty picture of AMD as if they were not greedy. I only questioned why you thought AMD wasn't greedy. And you are still trying to defend yourself by poking jabs at nVidia. Go ahead and say it "AMD is just as guilty of greed as Intel and nVidia given the chance."