Nvidia GeForce GTX 1630 Review: An Insult to Gamers?


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Bizarre viewpoint. You know you don't need to spend $170-$200 on a piece of rubbish GPU to play older games right? Why would you defend/justify Nvidia or any other company taking advantage of unsuspecting consumers? I assume you have shares in the company, it's the only way you could begin to justify such a horrible take.
I have shares in the company and if this continues I would consider selling my shares. Its terrible for business & their brand! Us shareholders aren't blind loyalists, we put our money in good companies that are growing & providing good products/services. A product like the 1630 is not conducive to that!


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Just when you thought that the 6500XT and 6400 couldn't be surpassed. Kudos to Nvidia for excellent craftsmanship.


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It's as I predicted, it's nothing more than a $150-$200 display adapter. It reminds me of the old GeForce 8400 GS except this one isn't dirt cheap.

There are enough noobs out there who will buy this just because it says "nVidia" and as far as I'm concerned, it serves 'em right. :laughing: