Nvidia graphics card running Steam on Linux


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Not sure if this is better suited for here for the Alternate OS section, but here it goes

I have pretty much switched by computer to running just Linux. Almost never boot over to Windows. Only issue I'm having with it is the Radeon graphics drivers for my R9 290 seem to be arguing with Steam. I have read Nvidia cards propritery drivers work much better with linux.
So one of my work computers needs a graphics card upgrade and I'm thinking getting a good Nvidia card to replace my R9 290 and see if that fixes my graphics driver conflit issues.
Does anyone have any experiance with that and what would be a good card comperable to the R9 290 from Nvidia's end of things?



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The Geforce GTX780Ti or the big boys would be the only way for u to go, that would be comparable. and I would have no idea on driver.


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Well I ended up getting a GeForce GTX 970 and not only did it fix all my Steam issues, but Ubuntu 14.04 runs much better, along with Mindcraft. The Nvidia driver's are a bit more of a pain to install the proprietary drivers straight from Nvidia's site, but are totally worth it!
Something to note for anyone switching from one brand of graphics card to another on Ubuntu (Radeon to Nvidia) is uninstall the proprietary drivers for your old card first, then get the new Nvidia driver downloaded and ready to install. I ended up having to do it all 100% w/o a GUI... kinda pain.