Nvidia GTX 680 gets shown off in a leaked video

By Archean
Mar 22, 2012
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  1. dividebyzero

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    Bit behind the times Archean.

    Full GTX 680 review (minus slide deck) at Tweaktown >>here<<

    (Not using the 300.99 driver. Power usage at odds with other reviews)
    Price confirmed at $499 (Newegg -page since pulled)
    Couple of benches from PC Perspective:

    Similar numbers at Guru3D ( images since pulled). Full sanctioned reviews up in a couple of hours - including TechSpot's I presume.

    Looks like Nvidia have a winner on their hands. Performance/watt, Performance/mm^2, Price (until AMD respond with knocking $50-100 off the 7970's price), excellent 1080p performance, ok 1600p + performance). HD 7970 still the better card in AvP and Metro 2033.

    Haven't seen anything much regarding overclocking (1200-1300MHz core doesn't seem to be a problem so far), adaptive V-Sync, PhysX real-time fracture or the dynamic boost/throttle. If the salvage part 670 (and 660 I presume) and GK106 and GK110 follow suit, AMD are going to need to burn the midnight oil, because a refresh with a new coat of paint/clockspeed boost isn't likely to put them back in the drivers seat (esp. on the software front)
  2. Archean

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    Yup I kinda figured that out after posting this. :eek:

    Absolutely right, I think the green team has a winner .... again :)
  3. dividebyzero

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    Definitely an interesting card, and probably the most significant GPU out of Nvidia since G80/G92. Trading blows with a card such as the 7970 with a (20%) smaller die and smaller memory controller that has been historically AMD territory, is proving that Nvidia can do small and sleek. If GK110 turns out to be the compute monster that is their usual stronghold, it would seem that Nvidia have taken the lessons of losing the low-end/lower-mainstream card segment to IGP CPU's to heart.
    I'd assume that GK110 is going to add all the compute functionality- 384 (or 448/512) memory bus, ECC memory, abundant L1/L2 cache, more emphasis on double precision calc. I hope AMD have something better than Tahiti Mk.II lined up, since only a HD7990 duallie seems to be on the horizon (and that might have it's work cut out just fending off a dual GK104) and I'd doubt a dual card is a serious contender for HPC/Workstation.

    EDIT: Nvidia seem to have incorporated a hardware video transcoder....a very fast video transcoder.

    EDIT : a very comprehensive review at PCinlife. Interesting to note a missing phase on the PCB - could indicate that Nvidia are allowing for an uprated version of the card in the near future.

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