Nvidia might cut the supply of RTX 4070 GPUs in response to slow sales


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Nope, AMD just follows Nvidia, look at their overpriced 7000 crap series and Intel has yet to make a decent product. I think the market itself will punish them for the extreme greed and only then, they will all rethink their strategy. Sure, for now, they will revert to their old trick, produce scarcity, but if people still won`t give a fck about their cards, then they`ll have no choice.
I mean to be fair the 3090 was 1100 too, just like the 7900xtx, it aint great at all, but at least the pricing isnt too terrible


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4k enough. You cant see pixels when comparing 4k and hd side by side unlike hd. But 4k is so much better that it should be enough for a long time. And I predict that there is a long road till middle low end GPUs can run it at 60fps.
4k is simply destroying most GPUs that run games on high or in samn instances ultra.
I do agree somewhat - we've definitely come to a point where I see little need for accelerated growth in this area. It will happen, but for the last 6 years or so for me, 4K has been a happy medium of beautiful and immersive. My next move will probably be incremental to 5120x2160 (a nice bump to 11mp so not that much more taxing on the GPU) when an OLED with this resolution comes out. Just saw that LG has one planned for 2025 (5120x2160, 165Hz, 45", 123.5ppi). We'll see if it holds.


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Just spit balling here, but how about cut the prices? I'm kidding of course. Nvidia doesn't care about mainstream consumers anymore.