Nvidia optimistic about the future even as gaming revenue dries up


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Gaming revenue dried up? If you draw a trend line it's constantly going up, with a few minor hickups (related to pandemics, chip prices, global crisis, crypto mania, etc). But overall, they are doing great.

Q Wales

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I have a sub $200 gpu, 1660 Super and a sub $300 monitor, Alienware 240Hz and play Fortnite at 250fps. Admittedly I'm in performance mode with some settings lowered, as mentioned above by Jalnor but gameplay is good and I have no intention of upgrading until the prices are low and the gains are high. Right now, I think I could spend $500 and notice little difference other than being able to maybe switch on shadows without as much of a hit and that's just not worth it. They won't be getting my money until these jokey prices are long gone.