Nvidia RTX 3070 Laptop vs Desktop GPU Review


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Yeah mobile GPUs have never been equivalent to desktop GPUs and tech reporters and enthusiasts have been complaining about it since forever.

I guess the marketing department don’t want to market the mobile parts look inferior to the desktop parts. I imagine anyone who buys a laptop like this probably doesn’t have the option to buy a desktop and the marketing department don’t want to make these people feel like they are sacrificing much if they go for a laptop.

Of course, these laptops are expensive. If you buy one without reading reviews etc and expect desktop performance in a mobile laptop GPU then that’s on you really.
Along with the fact that the GTX 1000 series in laptops were so close to their desktop counterparts, or the fact that the RX 580 for laptops is just a slightly downclocked desktop version, or even the Acer Predator Helios 500 came with a Vega 56 which was just downlocked around 180MHz but everything was the same in overall means that we reached a point with previous GPUs that the gap was much smaller but with Ampere, its all Fermi again, like the GTX 560M being just a GTX 550 Ti, a third tier GPU and the GTX 580M being a severaly hamped GTX 560 Ti with lower clockspeed. Samsung manufacturing process isn't doing any good favors this generation performance per watt wise.
Very nice article, thanks. I pre-ordered the TUF Gaming A17 with RTX 3070 (90W). I know it won't be as beasty as the desktop version but I wasn't able to play basically any games on my 2014 laptop with Core i7 4500U and Geforce 750M. It will be a huge improvement and that is what I want, not really interested if my GPU will be 10% faster than RTX 3060 or 10% slower :). Thanks though, before this article I didn't even know which GPU version I actually pre-ordered!