Nvidia said to be testing an RTX 40 series GPU that needs up to 900 watts


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Was thinking of getting a gaming laptop for 40xx series. Now, I am having some doubts. Yes, this will be 'just' a flagship but this thinking does not bode well for Laptops who are already operating at sun like temperatures.


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Are they really that worried that AMD will get the high end crown with the next generation of GPUs?
Yes and, and, will charge a premium on any performance over Intel's Ark in attempting to make up for lost market share. Nextgen will be a Throttlefest but that will bot stop Nvidia from attempting perceived performance advantage and charging a premium. The duopoly from team Red means they will play along as well maybe not 900 watt tdp but definitely competing price premium especially if AMD comes on top hence why Nvidia is rumored to raise tdp to historical 900 watt tdp for a refinance model they simply can't have an inferior product their ego is at play.


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This is getting ridiculous. It could mean a 4060, that I was aiming for, may reach 300W or more? I don't get it, on a better TSMC node? Damn, I'm turning my head to AMD again or I might reconsider a 3070.

Heh .. it is obvious when you look at the under hood specs.. they are *doubling* core counts, alu's, upping memory channel speeds. But also <NOT> increasing the agility to render games outside of core speeds increasing and memory performance enhancments ...??

hmmm a card that has 2x the compute power, but only makes 25% more game performance and draws 2x a much wattage???

Wonder who this card is really for /s