Nvidia unveils the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti: RTX 3090-like performance at $1,200; RTX 3070...


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Intel is only interested in getting into the gfx market at this moment in time is for some of that miner money. If they release cards that can mine in any capacity, gamers won't get them.


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It's a lot less impressive when you consider the RTX 3080 will offer 97% of the performance for a $500 lower MSRP 6 months ago.

Ampere is impressive, but the 3080ti is a total ripoff.
Mate are you sure? Pretty sure the 3080 was never $500, the 3070 maybe, 3080 is closer to $800.

The fact that they did not increase RAM on 3070Ti vs 3080Ti is a joke. $600 for a high end card with 8GB is just silly now. I'd rather go the AMD way with FSR around the corner where for about the same kind of money I get 12 GB of RAM.

I’ll be enjoying FSR on my 1080 Ti to make it last just that much longer until the 4000 series


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Going to wait and see what the 4000 series will be like

This is looking to be the highly likely outcome for many of us. I won't pay scalpers and I wouldn't spend hours/days/weeks waiting n clicking on trackers sites and retailers to try to luck out. If I can't get one at or below retail for the usual normal effort involved of buying any average consumer goods then I'm not interested. The 4000 series is looming.


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So what they are saying is, you can see it launched for $600 but will have to pay $1200 for it so that the scalpers can make some profits for their holidays.... basically if you have money you can make more, if you have none, suck it up BIAAACH and keep working your *** off to pay for somebody else to be rich


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Easy to get these or any 30-series GPUs at MSRP. Just buy from an OEM builder like Dell with their Aurora series for example, 4-5 months after the launch when you can configure the build yourself. Done. Of course it has to be a whole build.


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There is no RTX 1080 Ti. It is GTX 1080 Ti.

This seems like another paper launch with only reviewers and YouTubers getting cards.