Nvidia working on mid-range GeForce GTX 950 Ti

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Jul 1, 2015
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  1. nvidia geforce gtx geforce gpu graphics card 950 ti

    According to the latest round of rumors, Nvidia is currently working hard on a new mid-range GPU, probably known as the GeForce GTX 950 or 950 Ti, to compete in the sub $150 market with AMD's Radeon R9 370.

    This new graphics card from Nvidia will reportedly feature a "GM206-250" GPU, which will be a cut-down version of the full-sized "GM206-300" GPU used on the GeForce GTX 960. The GTX 960 comes with 1024 CUDA cores and features a price tag of $199, so a cut down version of this card will almost certainly pack fewer CUDA cores and a lower price point.

    It's expected that the GeForce GTX 950 Ti would replace the existing GTX 750 Ti, a first-generation Maxwell card, in Nvidia's current product stack. Considering the 750 Ti currently retails for $149, it would make sense for Nvidia to launch a new product with better performance at the same price point to compete strongly with the $150 R9 370.

    Not much is known about the 950 Ti at this stage, so it's hard to make any assumptions about how the card will perform relative to other cards currently on the market. Considering Nvidia just launched the GTX 980 Ti and the Titan X shortly before that, the 950 Ti isn't going to hit the market any time soon.

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  2. misor

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    I really thought that NVidia's x50s are the budget gpus, x60s mid-range gpus, x70s+ high-end gpus.
  3. gponline

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    I look forward to it!
  4. ekg84

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    Please don't be a rebrand
    please don't be a rebrand
    please don't be a rebrand
  5. VitalyT

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  6. 960 n 970 r mid range, this is bottom of the range :D
  7. Traditionally the $150 has been considered mid-range. For historical reference, the HD 4850 and HD 4870 were released at $200 and $300, and eventually fell to $150 and $250. They were considered AMD's mid-range and "performance range" (bottom of high-end segment) offerings. Today the R9 270 and R7 370 fall around that same $150 range, and so will this rumored GTX 950 Ti. I don't suppose Nvidia keeps a strict definition about what numbers fit what segments.
    A $330 graphics card like the GTX 970 is definitely not mid-range.
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  8. dividebyzero

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    Nice article fail by the "writers". They show a reference blower card, then go on about the Strix's three fans.
    Here's what the Strix actually looks like and some review benchmarks.

    Looks on par with other AIB designs like the Gigabyte G1 Gaming, MSI Gaming, and most likely Zotac's AMP Extreme, EVGA's Classified , and Galaxy's HOF. (1500-1550 core/ 8000-8400 memory for 24/7 OC's on air)

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