Nvidia's Shield tablet is available now and promoting Twitch streaming

nvidia shield twitch mobile gaming

Nvidia is expanding its line of mobile gaming products with the Nvidia Shield Tablet today. Right now, you can pre-order the tablet for $299, with the option to add a wireless controller for $59.

The $299 covers the 16GB wifi version, but you can nab a 32GB LTE version for $399. The tablets sport a Tegra K1 192 core GPU, 2GB of RAM with a Cortex A15 CPU, front-facing speakers, and a multitouch display. 

The tablet will be the first mobile device to integrate Twitch streaming as well, with Twitch offering a mobile SDK for developers to use. There's also a 5MP camera, microphone, and accompanying chat overlay to make streaming your games as effortless as possible -- at least, that's the hope behind Nvidia's push to incorporate streaming sessions. 

This tablet will also be the first to stream PC games via Nvidia Grid, a cloud-based gaming service that early adopters in Northern California can utilize to stream a library of PC games, then save them in the cloud. 

If streaming online isn't your thing, there's the option to use Nvidia Console Mode, which allows you to stream your games at home in native 1080p HD. 

The Shield Tablet looks as though it's making great strides in closing the loop between mobile gamers and console gamers, making streaming easier and more accessible to everyone. It's releasing July 29, so if you're interested in pouncing on it early, you might want to consider pre-ordering soon.

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