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May 13, 2008
  1. The other day i tried to change the timings on my ram only to make the comp not post upon restart. i reset the cmos and was back up and running so i was wondering how to properly overclock my memory. I have scoured the net for a good guide to oc memory to no avail. if anyone has oc'd ddr2 pc2 800 mem please help me out by telling me what to change. Also a while ago i oc'd my stock 4800+ (stock cooling) from 2.5ghz to 2.8ghz very stable than about a week ago i oc'd to 2.9ghz but my comp restarted after about 5 straight mins of orthos. the vcore voltage is set to auto and i have a locked mulit of 12.5. got 2.8ghz at 225mhz and 2.91 at 232 to 233mhz. could my cpu prob be voltage? BTW im not worried about cooling for my cpu because at 2.8ghz it idles (at night) 29c with 100% full load 55 to 56c.

    Please help i want a 2.9 to 3.0 if at all possible with faster memory
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    I think I understand your question. I employ 4 gigs of DDR2 PC-6400 800 mhz ram. I have an Asus motherboard. I studied up on ram memory a little and made these changes to keep things going @ overclock. I'm just going to address ram timing settings at this time. My Corsair ram modules run @ 4-4-4-12. I set these to 5-5-5-18 when I run any overclock. My motherboard automatically sets up my overclocks. I use "A-1 overclock" that Asus provides. These memory timings work all the way to 20% overclocking. There is a forum called something like "Overclocker's anonymous. It's a valuable forum for someone who wants to push the envelope. Good Luck.
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    First: you don't need to overclock memory to overclock your CPU. However, it is of course beneficial to just overclock both.

    CPU voltage is a tricky thing to be changing. You'd notice it if its too low, or too high.
    Too low: unstable.
    Too High: I smell BBQ....

    Restarting after only 5 mins of Orthos means that your overclock is not stable. It can be due to a huge variety of factors: RAM, power, vCore, NB, etc.

    Usually when that happens (especially since its a small OC), I'd just bump the vCore up a little, and see what happens. Might require a few bumps before it becomes stable. Do it at your own risk tho, since if your chip fries, you'll need a new one.

    Or you can try locking the speed of the RAM to 800mhz, just to see if its the RAM problem or CPU.

    Run temps as well while you're running Orthos. Make sure to note the NB temps too, since if that overheats, you'll freeze/reboot as well.

    In my experience, core bumps help stabalize it, only if it fails Orthos, but not freeze/reboot. Then again, I haven't tried some serious bumps to vCore, since I can't afford to get new processors.
  4. elbongo

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    Thanks alot for the help! when my comp restarted after running orthos i had the memory at stock timings and frequency (because i dont know how to properly change ram setting) Right now i am running 2.875ghz on my 3rd day seems very stable, ran orthos for about 10 mins got highest temp readings i have ever seen, 59c (btw i was running the temps during orthos @ 2.9) was top so i know i can safely oc even more without worrying about heat.(BTW NB was below 40c @ 2.9 what is safe for it? probe hits 45c before showing me a warning..) One question, is there a way to change the fsb - memory multiplier / divider? right now it is fsb/7 so my memory is running 401mhz. Also my mobo asus m2n-sli deluxe has options to change the memory freq but it is 800 or 1066 no in betweens. i will look at the link or forum that pdyckman told me to check out. I wish i could find a decent memory oc manual... i will post again if i figure anything out and CMH "too high: i smell BBQ" that is F****NG HILARIOUS!!!

    edit: i found an OK guide to oc memory and it says that first thisng you want to do is find your tightest memory timings which is what i was trying to do, it says one timing at a time and dont leave your other timings on auto, manually set them to stock which i did not do.
    What i did do was set my cas from 5 to 4 and left all other timings auto, is that my problem?

    another edit: I just set my cpu to 2.9 one more time, after 4min 9sec orthos stopped with a hardware failure. temps were 45-46c cpu and 35c NB, dont think overheating is my problem. any ideas?? BTW voltages were still on auto and varied from 1.33 to 1.37

    Right now i am running orthos at 2.875ghz so far 10min no errors 58c CPU 38c NB.

    lol i must have edited this 5 times in the past hour but now i have upped the volts to 1.4 and 2.975ghz seems stable after almost 10 mins, the memory oc'd itself cuz the fsb. I think im done oc'ing my rig for a week or so lol. I was really hoping to get to 3ghz but im close and i do not want to up the volts anymore and it could also be my memory thats holding me back. So my final oc for the rig is AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ CPU 2.975ghz @ 1.4volts (2.925 @ 1.875v), mem gskill 2gb 5-5-5-15 2t 425mhz, MSI 8800gt 695mhz core 990mem. So what do u think??

    btw- no bbq yet!!
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    I don't feel very safe telling people what voltages are safe, since every chip is different, and permanent damage is a very real possibility.

    However, it does seem like higher voltages is what you need. Did you up your RAM voltages as well? I run Gskill RAM as well (may be different chips tho), but check your chip specs, they might run much better at higher voltages. I'll let somoene else confirm this, but I think stock mem voltages are 1.8V, and my Gskill says to set it at 1.9V (and faster RAM chips, or lower Lat chips may require as high as 2.1V). That may stabilize your RAM if thats the issue. Again, reminder that setting this too high will burn your chips.

    About the timings, start with stock, or the highest timings, and work downwards from there, one at a time (starting with the first one). The absolute best way to do it is to set it as low as it could boot and orthos 15 mins, and leave it in Orthos overnight or something before changing the next one, and repeat.

    Also, see if you can lock your mem speed or mem ratio to lower the overclock on your RAM. That way, it may be possible to get a higher overclock on your CPU. This is just in case its your RAM holding you back, if changing the ratios don't do anything to increasing CPU speed, then its your CPU thats holding you back.

    In the links, in my overclock guide, you should be able to find a link to CPU data in terms of operating temps and max recommended volts (I think from manufacturer's guides). Of course, you can surpass those values (most people after the absolute highest overclocks do), but it gives you a rough guide on how far you can push your CPU.
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    Yea i did up the mem voltage from 1.8 to 1.9 and I think gskill says that 2.0 is the highest the ram will handle maybe 2.1, i dont feel like looking it up right now lol.
    My last post said i was done oc'ing for a while but i ment to say until tomorrow lol, It was the ram that was holding my cpu back like u said. So after i upped the volts i oc'd to 3ghz, seems stable but very hot at full load (70c) which is a little to hot for my liking so i lowered it to 2.9 @ 1.3875 until nighttime when the temps stay low.
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    Well, to do any real overclocking, you'd always need to get a new CPU cooler. This is only if you bought a new comp, and you'd want to overclock it immediately tho.

    If you got an old comp, which you're overclocking just to prolong it's lifespan a little, or a slight boost in performance, then yeh, just leave it...
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  9. pdyckman@comcas

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    I have this safe attitude. If I can realize a safe and stable O.C. (no over heat-no freeze) I use it: but since I'm not gaming much anymore, when my Q6600 drops speed to 1600 and cpu temps to 38c, as long as everything is banging along briskly, I'm happy.
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    Ive been looking around newegg (where i bought all my comp parts) for cpu coolers because obviously my stock hsf isint doing any justice at 3ghz unless its at night when the temps here get about 50 - 60f, during the day the temps can reach 100f easily. Ive found a couple that I like and have put links on the bottom of the page, I really don't want to spend a whole lot of money but I want to keep the cpu temps within acceptable range of 60c most. Im def searching these and other forums for ideas and products that have worked for others. So i guess if you live in a hot area (south) and have oc'd ur comp 20% or more what cpu cooler do you use? Any products that work for you i would like to kno, thanks!!!


    yes i reading the "post your cpu temps thread" too so dont worry ;)
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    the 3rd one would be your best bet.
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