Odd Mobo Issue Again.. Arggghhh!!!

By tnred
Mar 28, 2003
  1. OK Fellas, I am back to pick your brain again if I may??

    I had posted a thread earlier this week about a odd mobo issue. Well, to follow up on the issue, I have put the same type of motherboard on an identical case and relativly having the same issue. I have the mobo outside the case, hooked up to narrow any shorts with the case, and I have made sure the PS is cabable of powering the componets, and everything under the God Given sun to do to this thing and IT IS STILL SHORTING OUT..... I mean I have been doing this for almost 4 years for this compny and just recently finished my A+ classes and for pete sake I can not figure this freakin thing out. I have extra boxes I can try, but power swithes don't match up and they are just not exactly compatable..... Help if you can. I am up for anything( stop it don't go there .....:eek: . haha

    Thaks guys for your help!! OH by the way I was reading some threads on the Meeting spot forum and you all are too funny. Especially Phantasm 66, and arrius( sp?), and didauo( sp?!?) You all sound like a bunch of my friends that banter back and fourth.

    Yall rock!!!:p
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