OEM, good or bad?

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Apr 18, 2002
  1. I am looking around for parts to make a new PC. What is the general thought on OEM products? I have found a few vid cards that are OEM. I am also looking for a CPU Athlon 1.2ghz OEM. The MB I will get retail so I have the software.

    I have bought OEM before and have never noticed any performace differences. But before I buy a OEM CPU I want to double check, there may be a general knowledge that OEM's are bad and I just don't know or it could be that they are fine and work just as well (I hope this is the case). Thanks.
  2. TS | Thomas

    TS | Thomas TS Rookie Posts: 1,319

    Only real differences for the most part are that of no packaging & less warranty as compared to the retail one.
  3. Cucumber

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    Well i buy OEM, there is no difference in performance....just it doesnt come with any extras e.g. if you bought a OEM Processor then you wouldnt get a Heatsink and Fan with it, and also you tend to get a 3yr warrenty with retail, and only 1yr with OEM! But yes i would recommend getting OEM CPU's as you probably wont get a very good HSF anyway!

    There was another thread on the same subject here:
    AMD Retail Boxed or OEM??

    BTW what are your current system specs??

    Hope this helps

    Laterz Cucumber;)
  4. SuperCheetah

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    The only thing you have to worry about when buying OEM is the reputation of your seller. Some seller just repair products and resell them back to the public so your product may be bad when you get it. On the most part though the OEM products are ok to buy. I personally bought 2 IBM 75GXP drives OEM, and an OEM 1.4G Athlon when I built my computer and have had no problems to date.

    I recommend going to www.resellerratings.com and checking out some of the sites with better ratings as they seem to be better for buying OEM parts from them. For the most part you should be ok buying OEM just be careful who you buy from, make sure they have a good reputation and return policy.
  5. TS | Thomas

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    Ooops, just to add. Last 2 CPUs I've bought both were OEM. Still using them today.
    ATI supposedly are a bit iffy when it comes to OEM graphics cards. HardOCP are pointing out the memory speed diferences in them as compared to same at retail.

    Doesn't seem to be much with soundcards though, e.g. Audigy OEM has plastic color coded jacks as opposed to the gold plated ones of the retail.
  6. Geforcer

    Geforcer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Great, sounds like OEM is the way to go. Right now I am building a new PC. Mostly just the MB, case, CPU, and a little RAM everything else I will pull from my current system.
  7. T-Shirt

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    with any product, check the Specs first
    with CPU's it's pretty obvious.
    But many sound/videocards, the OEM is a lesser product, less/slower memory, less features, etc.
  8. uncleel

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    Search Feature is Your Friend
  9. vegasgmc

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    Ive always gotten OEM processors with no problems. Ive read that some OEM video cards have "de-tuned" chips. Ive been getting all my stuff from Newegg.com. Great priced especially on OEM. I got a retail package 1000 Duron for $52.
  10. Geforcer

    Geforcer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Great site. I think I finally found a good supplier for all of the parts I need. They seem to have pretty good prices and a huge range of stuff to buy. Saves in shipping and makes it easier to buy from one shop instead of three or four different places.

    Does anyone know, if you have a MB that supports PC100/133 and DDR Ram can you mix the two types? Like 128mb PC100, 64mb PC133, and 128mb DDR2100 all on the same board.
  11. SuperCheetah

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    I know you can mix the two PC types of memory, but I'm not sure about the DDR memory. If you do mix them though, you have to realize that they will all run at the PC100 speed because of the ram limitations.
  12. vegasgmc

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    You cant use SDRAM and DDR at the same time. You can use PC100 and PC133 together but the PC133 will run at 100. Some mobo manufacturers are putting both types of slots on for upgrade purposes only.
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