Omg I messed up ! What could the problem be?

By GoDxNero ยท 8 replies
Sep 29, 2009
  1. Ok... today my pc is abit laggy when I play some game (DotA). Then I got angry and physicially abused the pc... not much just 1 hit... alright 2 hits. Then I heard some weird sound in or around the harddrive territory. Then the computer freeze xD. I press restart button. And then it did restart but stopped at window loading screen... after like 10~15 sec loading it restart again and it gives me a message saying windows did not properly start last time. the choices it gives me are boot in safe mode, boot in safe mode with Network, boot normally, and boot last good conifguration. None of those boot it, it just does the same thing every time, which is goes to the windows loading screen for 10~15 second then restarts and goes to the error again. Then I decide to reinstall the window coz I think its a window probleem and not the harddrive or anythings. I used window xp sp2 and it works fine till the computer finish 48% of the copying from the CD. Then it stopped copying the database.... So after a long time waiting I restart the computer and try to install the window xp sp2 ( quick version but ofcours the normal one is better ) and it works. k now everythings work fine, I was happy and goes gaming again ( dota ). A while later I got to go somewhere, then I left my computer on. When I returned after 12 minuuts the screen is kinda freeze again... I can press things but nothings happend. And the "Start" button and the blue bar got changed to the classic style... dunno but its no longer the window xp style... Can anyone tell me what is wrong there ? Thanks alots !!! By the way I just reinstalled the window xp quick version again ( To write this post ) . Im scared to go afk coz it might freeze again. But I think it will be fine if I shut it down and restart it . I just did it and it seems fine so far. And sorry for my bad spelling and gramma : ), am not that great in english.
  2. almcneil

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    You're right, your english needs some work too!

    There are a number of possibilities that could cause this, both hardware and software. first, I think you meant you did a Windows repair. You could have a flacky power supply or hard drive. Or you could have spyware.

    Let's start with spyware. you can find the following anti-spyware utilities in the download section:

    • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
    • SuperAntispyware
    • Spybot Search & Destroy

    Ren them and repost with results. You may need to use try Safe Mode.

    -- Andy
  3. Bobbye

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    What is the 'quick version.'

    Hard to believe you're telling us physically damaged the computer out of anger and now want us to help fix it!

    Good luck Andy- this one is all yours!
  4. GoDxNero

    GoDxNero TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hallo. I have checked and there seems to be no spyware or anythings like that. Everythings work fine so far after my second window reinstallation. But the load screen take abit longer than it used to be, dont care about this though its just a few seconds. The thing is that it might freeze again and the same bug return when I left the pc on and afk. Which has never happened before. Could my hard-driver be corrupted ? If so is it repairable or should I get a new one.
  5. almcneil

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    Then this is a hardware issue.

    First you need to test the hard drive. You need to look up the make and model of your hard drive, go to the manufacturer's web site, find the diagnostic program, download, install and run it. This will help determine if the hard drive is faulty.

    It may also be your power supply. To test that you need a PSU digital multimeter. They're not expensive but will cost some money.

    Or you can take it to the local computer store and pay them to fix your hardware problem.

    -- Andy
  6. treetops

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    Where did you hit your computer? Open up your case and look at what parts are in the area you abused it. And Sherlock homes would probably guess that is where your problem is. Another thing hmm could have knocked something loose? Replug in everything. With your computer off and power supply unplugged.
  7. Gordon9999

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    LOL treetops. Deffinatly the first thing he should do. My personal advice would be to get a stress ball. Godxzero. If you follow the directions posted by almcneil im sure this problem will be resolved. It may be a good idea to put in the logs from your virus scans just so almcneil can see them to rule that out as a possiblity. From the sounds of it you may have abused a specific component on your motherboard and broken a piece off it. Look inside the case and make sure no little pieces of any thing is hanging loose or broken off "like treetops said".

    Best of luck.

    and good luck to you as well Andy
  8. SNGX1275

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    Hard drive is dead, thats the noise you heard after hitting it. I'm familiar with this noise because stupidly I was moving a hard drive to a different bay once with the computer on, and I accidentally dropped it about 1" to the bottom of the bay. The noise is the read heads hitting and scraping along the platter(s). Your hard drive is toast, but everything else on your PC should be fine, with a possible exception of a dislodged heatsink on your CPU, but thats fairly unlikely.
  9. fimbles

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    +1 to what SNGX1275 said.. Hard drives dont like being punched :)
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