On board ghraphics card issues

By potterman
Nov 29, 2005
  1. I have a old PC , PIII 600 which looks like the on board graphics card has broken. I am getting cable not connected from the monitor.

    The monitor is fine, I have tested it on other PC's.

    I have installed a PCI graphics card, but do not know how to get the PC to recognise it without disabling the onbaord on in the bios. I cannot see the bios as the monitor will not pick up the onboard one?

    Please advise?
  2. Eric Korson

    Eric Korson TS Rookie

    Onboard Video

    Hi Potterman;

    Well, you’re defiantly on the right track. All bios programs are somewhat different; so, I really can’t advise you if the disabling of the onboard video is possible; especially with an older PC. I would think it should be possible!

    And yes, see if you can disable the video first, then reboot. If you gotten that far and still don’t see video, try installing the drivers for the PCI card the next time around.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s not possible. The malfunction of the onboard video in a mother board is a pretty big break.

    Hope that helps!

    Eric Korson
    The Internet Web Firm
  3. Grafficks

    Grafficks TS Rookie Posts: 302

    Instead of plugging in the monitor to the onboard video connector, plug your monitor into your new PCI Graphics Card, you should get basic picture from there, even without installing the card's drivers.

    From there, you can then proceed on with installing the graphics card drivers, and disabling the onboard video.

    Good luck. :)
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