On going problem booting up

By dbonniwell
Dec 20, 2006
  1. The problem is my computer just gets to where the display turns blue and just before the User Account Icons, it goes dark and stays that way even if the computer is still essencially on.
    I do get a message that appears then dissapears before I can read it all about an infinate loop. This does not happen on every boot up
    It is a dual boot XP japanese and English I use Japanese as primary, New video card GS7600 AGP with version 93.71 drivers. I tried other versions but same result.
    Installed an infinate loop patch, no good
    New PSU by Enermax no good
    Is there anyway I can fix this or should it be scraped?
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    How did you try other drivers? It almost certainly is driver or RAM related, with a higher probability of it being drivers, so we need to know how you tested other drivers as a way to rule this out.

    Press F8 before the Windows splash screen and see if you can start it up in VGA mode.

    It is almost certainly not a power supply problem unless this started happening right after you put it in. I seriously doubt processor usage is 100% as its switching from 800x600 to whatever the desktop resolution is set to on your comp for Windows, and if the processor usage isn't spiking there there is no reason to think PSU, because its under higher load right when you turn the comp on, or at another point in loading Windows when the processor usage is high.

    Does it happen in both English and Japanese? If only 1, it is definately software/drivers.
  3. dbonniwell

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    Thanks for your reply,
    Yes it does start up in VGA mode, and I am fairly certain that English XP (without video drivers) does start up. Japanese XP (With video Dirvers) it happens but most the time when the computer is cold Hmmmmm. But it does not happen all the time.
    I have installed drivers 91.47 (PNY CD), 93.71 (Newest Guru3d) on Japanese XP. 84.21 (Guru3d) wont install because it wants some driver. I am not at all sure what version to use anymore.
    I do a complete clean out before each install using various tools.
    As for Ram
    Originally in this Intel D845, Slot 1 was a kingston 256mb
    Slot 1 512mb Kingston new, slot 2 256mb kingston New, slot 3 kingston 256mb from slot 1. The manual on this board tells me this is acceptable.
    any other info you need? thanks
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