Onboard (AC 97) sound not recognized?? no matter what I do?

By oneno
Sep 9, 2005
  1. I have a Medion MD8000 A P4 2.66 with onboard sound (AC97) the other day I noticed a hot electrical type smell coming from my computer (while it was on), and it was still running fine but the fan on my power supply wasn't running so I immediately turned it off and went out and bought a new power supply a 350w. After I re-hooked everything back up, it had alot of problems during boot up and I re-installed windows and then realized I only had to update the bios as it showed an error on it it in the device manager, so after I had to reinstall all the updates and service packs and BIOS all is well except my AC97 onboard soundcard doesn't show up in the device manager and no matter how many times I try to install the drivers it doesn't show up anywhere? error from winamp is : directsound output Bad directsound driver V2.4 errorcode 88780078. it's not detected in direct x as i updated to newest version either. A: did I overlook plugging power back up to it after I installed my new power supply? I couldn't remember if I had to unplug power from it B:did I fry my sound chip? how do i find out? C:can I install another soundcard if the onboard is bad?? any help is greatly apreciated. Oh and it's not virus related as I'm protedted and nothing has been detected. Thanks
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    Most likely the sound is disabled in the bios.
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