One month old Acer computer keeps crashing

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Dec 12, 2010
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  1. hello i have a new acer aspire 5552 laptop computer that keeps crashing. despite the fact that i have paretologic pc health advisor installed on it. i keep scanning and fixing but it doesn't seem to work out. Please can some one help me PLZZZZ B4 I BRAKE MY COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. mike1959

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    If it's only a month old and continually crashes, I would be taking it back under warranty, get a replacement. But, does it crash as soon as you are into Windows desktop, or when you open a certain program, or when you try to get on the net?
    Does it do the same thing every time, or does it run well sometimes? You can't go checking inside for faulty parts, or your warranty will be void. Tricky.
  3. captaincranky

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    You really don't need some BS computer health adviser in a 1 month old computer.

    If this is a crack copy, you probably downloaded some malware with it.

    If you keep running this program, and the computer does the same thing or gets worse, that should tell you something.

    Even if this program is legit, and does in fact, "keep finding things", the chances are they are nothing more than tracking cookies, (low risk), and MRU objects (no risk). There are any number of this type of utility around. Techspot offers "Advanced System Care", of which there is a freeware version, which, as I stated earlier, does the same thing.

    Oh BTW, before you cry out in anguish in all capital letters, at least learn the correct homonym of "brake", you need to use. I think you meant "break". Look it up, use the internet.
  4. czar24

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    thanks guys 4 the advice
  5. czar24

    czar24 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have McAfee internet security and pc tools internet security running simultaneously on my computer does it contribute to the crashing. cos i have uninstalled the pc health advisor yet it keeps on crashing. thank you
  6. mike1959

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    Two different anti-virus programs installed at the same time is not a great idea, because the actions of one scanning, look like 'trouble' to the other one. You only need one anti-virus program, plus a firewall, (usually a separate program, but some are combined antivirus/firewall). On a new pc, the 'pc health advisor' isn't going to tell you anything worthwhile, in fact, might even show up false or not important information.
    It's a given, in trial software, to throw in a few 'problems', to urge you to buy the full version. If you like the trial anti-virus program that was installed from new, you can upgrade, or extend the license, and it should be fine. But if you prefer a free program, be sure to uninstall the other one first. The makers of the program provide a special program to uninstall it properly, and it will be on their website. Or just Google; eg; 'Mcafee uninstall software', or 'Norton uninstall software', and you can then be sure the new anti-virus progam won't clash with the previous one.
    A worthwhile program to install to keep a pc running well, is 'CCleaner', which you can download from;
    Use the program as it installs, don't be tempted to tick all the extra boxes at the bottom of the list, it's all set up fine for most users.

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