Opera 10.10 launches with Unite sharing technology

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It has been quite some time since Opera promised to "reinvent the web" with Unite, but the feature has finally been rolled into the latest version of its free browser. For those who missed the announcement back in June, Unite basically turns any computer into both a client and a server, allowing things like file transfer, media streaming and photo sharing without having to resort to third party websites or applications.

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Yay, go Opera.
Had a play around with the music sharing aspect of Unite today with a friend, seems pretty cool. Nothing I'd use often but it's there if I ever need it.

I meant to see if I could stream my media on my PS3 using Unite but I forgot and I'm going to bed now :D


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Opera is one of the best browsers. There is allot add-ons for it. And with Opera Unit service you will be able share your photo, files, stream your music anywhere. Chat with your friends in any device that support any browser. Ant you can win things by creating add-ons for Opera Unit.
I love Opera. :D


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this Unite feature might juz be the pull factor over Firefox for some users like me :) Opera is sleek and all, but there is little to hate about Firefox. and the inertia is always there for users.
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