Optima G200N series laptop

By bttmdwlr
Jul 14, 2010
  1. I recently acquired a laptop with no visible brand...anywhere ! The only data is on the bottom and denotes : Ew2
    G200N series
    which I've been able to decipher as : Quanta Ew2 motherboard sold as either a PC Club or an Optima system.My question is this : does anyone out there have any idea where I can get a replacement keyboard as 4 keys are damaged. I've Googled until my google got swollen, I Lycosed until my lycos was RAW and I finally in an act of desperation I Binged until I was truly sick. Which only took a short time as I'm fully MS intolerant
    Any leads will be greatly appreciated..

    Optima Ew2 512mb 120gb p4 1.8ghz.
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