Ori director calls Cyberpunk 2077, No Man's Sky creators "snake oil salesmen"


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Haven't pre ordered for years after being burnt. Still haven't brought CP2077 as they just seem to keep breaking things as the fix things! Refuse to buy now until it is out.
There is no regulation when it comes to games. Devs and pubs can do what they want. It's not their fault though. It's ours.
First there is regulations but the penaltys are weak especially for foreign based company's. Worse flops were StarTrek online,OG Star Wars, and Final fantasy online, Star trek supplied half its content at launch because head dev wanted klingon front runner before quests and story added, Romulan was finished but not released for a year or two, most the game was broken but funding sorce gave a timeline even though dev said game would take another year to finish. FF was actually pulled offline and dead for almost 2 years of complete rewrite, the OG srsrwars launched missing space...that was a launch promise took 2-3 years to fix, and they changed entire game prior even Lvling system. All offerd forms of refunds. Pearl Abyss with BDO made a lot of promises to never make sertain services pay base in NA and EU, but after a buggy launch went as close to you can get to pay to win, loosing over half its gamer base that was promised, and all real profesional guilds. They litterally only gave refunds by legal contact or credit legal contact but most the population received refunds that asked because Pearl abyss was found to have openly lied in interviews to hype the game. Cyberpunk is a good game if you can run it and it's E3 demo was legit the game only thing removed was small stuff like train system replaced by eq style port system, the media really did most the raking over coals of this game hyping the undeliverable game that was bs slander. Only issue game had was preparing the previous Gen consoles because both companies required a version for those next Gen was fine, pc, stadia etc all fine amd you got what was promised. But to be strong armed into downgrading the game its going to have issues esp with 5+ versions of previous Gen. Was meant to be groundbreaking tech pushing game not catering to rules of 2 companies policy on 2 year requirement to do both generation. Data on the older consoles wasn't fully given at first as well so can't bash CD red as much as Sony and Microsoft. But it does deliver as advertised and more to come. Even on my oldest xbox one possible it ran smooth after a week or so had no bugs. Just lacked graphics of my pc version. Or series x/ps5. No man's sky's issue ran into a delivery push by investors much as StarTrek (now the game advertised years later as well). Sony was notorious worst offender for this and bad support back in the day and lead to the eventual dismantle and selling of Sony Online and all its games and people's information. Blizzard had a few hiccups for almost every content launch I.E sailing in the sky of a desert server crashes. SWTaoR rushed launch with a outdated server system and poor raiding server set up to where only so many raids could exist at once, litterally jacked the entire game up if to many guilds tried to raid at same time for progression, then they made all the free content and collectors perks content you had played with for months content you had to pay for....that was a bit underhanded and borderline extortion and illegal. I mean hell BDO and several game company's took flack for a gambling based rng for actual money which is not legal but its hard to enforce and a lot of money. ESO biggest trick ever pulled animation canceling wasn't supposed to be in the game but when it was found in testing breaking the game it would of required a full re-write and launch was to close so they said well fix eventually in future content, but it proved to game breaking to attempt and they gave up then convinced people it was supposed to be there. Also now years later it's the game originally advertised minis that bug. Didn't launch with all the content and skills etc because there was a dev swap before launch that rolled all content put of the game because he didn't understand MMO and it was different from Morowind solo play made him uncomfortable with his emersion. So years of testing and data content were pulled, just for game to flop and have it slowly put back in as new content lol.
Haven't pre ordered for years after being burnt. Still haven't brought CP2077 as they just seem to keep breaking things as the fix things! Refuse to buy now until it is out.
It's worth buying regardless of all the bs people are saying, it's like old-school shadowrun meets GTA and I missed the shadowrun style. It has a lot of emersion, some stuff will fk with your head, and with DLC on the way. Probably more innovative than most the crap people lust after out there. Skills system etc, crafting is good and bad at se time just because lacks multicraft on console so far amd has some ruff rng in crafting. But it has more to offer than most everything on the market. And playthrough ability so you can test multiple endings. Few things removed till later dlc I.E Trains for EQ ports, mansions etc you can still glitch to lol. You can customize a lot of your skills set I tried a samurai style, hacker style, tech wiz that can shoot through walls, and heavy gunner so there is a lot of playstyles you can dork around with. To many haters that haven't put the hours enough into it or want insta gratification. Lile Fenix Rising is utter slaped together last min trash from other games that doesn't quite line up, with poor mapping, and discovery, and combat but people love that game with a defensive hardon. Cyber slaughters it on all that.
This comes from a guy who's company has only made one good game and thinks that motion capture is stupid. Also when Ori was released it was overshadowed by the Witcher 3. No man sky is a great game now. Hello games deserved the chance to make it great. Also with CDPR they deserve the chance to make cyberpunk better and regain their fans trust as did Hello Games.


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People seem to forget that Fallout New Vegas was also a disaster on release, and today it's one of the most beloved entries in the series.


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This is nothing like snake oil salesmen. From what I've read, Cyberpunk 2077 is a great game, just buggy and performs badly on certain platforms -- something which has since been improved. The thing about games is that the get fixed and improved.


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This is nothing like snake oil salesmen. From what I've read, Cyberpunk 2077 is a great game, just buggy and performs badly on certain platforms -- something which has since been improved. The thing about games is that the get fixed and improved.
Do you go about buying everything like that? "It's fine it doesn't work when I actually buy it, it'll be fixed! Maybe.". Sure, AAA game development is expensive, so they need to cash in as quickly as possible. But, it's actually a slap in the face of people buying early at full price. Paying more, getting less.


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His tone is a bit 'angry man', but he is absolutely 100% right.

Poor quality control alongside media overhype and a gullible audience are the hallmarks of so-called AAA gaming these days.

Just why people pre order games in these times of digital distribution is an absolute mystery to me.

Kudos to Techspot for the article, and I urge you to call it out louder..


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His tone is a bit 'angry man', but he is absolutely 100% right.

Poor quality control alongside media overhype and a gullible audience are the hallmarks of so-called AAA gaming these days.

Just why people pre order games in these times of digital distribution is an absolute mystery to me.

Kudos to Techspot for the article, and I urge you to call it out louder..
You're being suckered. His point isn't that AAA gaming is overhyped, his point was to specifically attack CPDR and Hello Games for botched launches and to try and cement them as being the poster boys for it, rather than EA, who actually deserves the scorn.


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Precisely. The only regulation that will work is for gamers' to stop paying money for poor quality and dishonesty.
We can dream for both, but, you know, people.
I just really think the government should step in.
The average citizen isn't that bright. They have urges as humans do.
Battlefield 4 release was the first time I signed up to a forum to literally scream at them. I was acting the fool, but I also don't want it to happen again. Sadly it'll be government intervention or more unfinished games at launch, in my opinion ofc.


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Can't remember the last time I bought a game on pre-order or around launch date. I think it was WOW back in 2005. Despite getting a good deal with the pre-order from a local retailer (sth like +two months sub for free), it was quite dissapointing, I actually kept the two months card to try again the game at a later time.

On release, the ultimate ability of the hunter, was doing less damage than the standar auto attack. We are not talking unfinished product, that must have been some next level trolling. Fixing that was as simple as editing a text line probably.

Anyway, since then I buy games when they get their first significant discount, or even later, at a fraction of the starting price and with way less bugs.


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Haven't pre ordered for years after being burnt. Still haven't brought CP2077 as they just seem to keep breaking things as the fix things! Refuse to buy now until it is out.
My last pre-order was Battlefield 4. If anyone can pre-order after that trash launch, they are not human!
I pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077, played it, and enjoyed it. Yes, it was buggy. But I have never expected a new release to be bug-free. I play a lot of games, and I have invested in a PC capable of running high-end games. I would never expect to run a high-end game on an outdated rig without updating it to spec. Both X-Box One and PS-4 are at least 6 years old. Can anyone realistically expect a next-gen game to run smoothly on 6-year old tech?
That's not to say that there were not disappointments with Cyberpunk 2077. I'm not a fan of 1st person games. I was hoping for a 3rd-person view. Even with that, it was still a better game than half of the games I bought because a "reviewer" recommended them highly.
This game has been bashed from the beginning. I think undeservably so. The gameplay was smooth, the controls were well-designed for a keyboard. There were bugs, but for the most part, I could go back to my most recent save and get around the problem. There could have been more help. For example, trying to drive a car in 1st-person because the explanation of "Q" only worked while in a car, but the "help" didn't say that. I spent my 1st play through avoiding cars like the plague. (which ended up leveling other needed skills). Still, I would preorder it again and I suspect it will become one of the games I will replay again and again in the coming years.
The only thing that CDPR screwed up was including effects that could trigger seizures. That should never have made it to release.
Oh the director of an NES Metroid clone criticizing big companies with new ideas? Yeah I'll disregard
At least their game is fully optimized. It can do 4k 120fps and 6k 60fps now. Hope I'm not offending anyone but how can people defend big companies for giving them an incomplete, buggy games and badmouth a company that actually has a quality product and really delivers on their promise? He has a very valid point.


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Five people liked this? It doesn't even make sense.

1. NMS was made by Hello Games, which is a fairly small studio. And CDPR was seen as an industry darling before the Cyberpunk fiasco.
2. Cyberpunk isn't exactly dripping with new ideas, it's a different take on genres and stories we've seen before.
3. "NES Metroid clone?" So you've never actually played either Ori game I take it? I guess you'd call Guacamelee and Hollow Knight "Metroid clones" as well? All of those games are metroidvanias, but they're all very different from each other. They're all amongst the very best in the genre as well.

It has to be the worst Metroidvania of the last 15 years,

The shooting is auto-aim only, but somebody thought it might be okay to only shoot at arm's length :rolleyes:

if you're going to castrate the thing so, why not at-least let you aim your shot? Metroid OG let you aim up or sideways, and your starting beam weapon had more distance that this pathetic excuse.

Ori's main game mechanic requires dumbing down the very heart of Metroidvania mechanics , while not giving you any of the tools either of those franchises would give you (aimed shots in Metroid, missles. or special weapons like the Axe in Castlevamnia), going spider hunting against single-shot killers from above seems pretty pointless given your limited options..

There is no redeeming game mechanic in Ori that makes it at-all approachable, but I have played more rewarding recent games with better difficulty curves: Hollow Knight is much more forgiving Caastlevania SOTN clone, and Axiom Verge and Dandara are much more impressive / creative Metroid clones than Ori could ever hope to be.

Ori only gets a pass because these poor locked-in Xbox purchasers have no other choice for exclusives...you also had to deal with the disappointing game-play of ReCore .
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This is news how? Video game companies have always over promised and under delivered because of having to meet arbitrary release dates, mostly so executives can get their bonuses before moving on to another company to do it again (see also most big Hollywood movie productions), and as other posters have pointed out, the big publishers are far more at fault of this than small/mid sized ones.

Hell, KOTOR2 was 16 years ago, and it was forced out with about a 3rd of the game unfinished and is still considered a classic, and that was a time when day 1 mega patches and ongoing support was mostly unheard of.

NMS is especially weird to be dunking on, as it was a fine game when released that was almost exactly what HelloGames had advertised, pretty much all the backlash was from the Games Press not getting the mythical "everything" game they had hyped based on a single tech demo, and the developers have done so much to it that's it's basically an almost completely different game every few months, and they are doing it purely on sales, not charging for extra content like most any of the big companies would have (or simply abandoning it after a couple of months.)

Cyberpunk was also over hyped, they knew it wasn't ready, but they got to the point where they had to release as the Devs were literally getting death threats every time they did delay it - because they realised trying to get it to satisfy everyone on every platform new and old was basically impossible, but still tried anyway.
For what it's worth, in my opinion it was also fine - got a bit boring for me after about 80 hours so I decided to put it on the back burner untill whenever the DLC comes out, (got it on gog for pc, and Stadia for the free Chromecast) but I literally had 2 non game braking bugs over that time - Jackie teleported into a floating invisible chair in the same room as V during a phone call once, and a car wedged into the road after a car crash. Otherwise, ran with no problems on full settings. My main issue is it's a bit more bland and to slavish to 80/90s ideas of the "Cyberpunk" genre than I had hoped, even when they said that was the esthetic they were working with - I was hoping it would end up being more Battle Angel than Johnny Mnemonic, but you get what you get.
Cyberpunk would have been great if the people running the company didn't force a release to cash in on the holiday season.

NMS was pretty bad when it first released but keep in mind their entire studio flooded causing them to lose a ton of progress. It was probably pushed out to save the company from collapsing. I don't 100% agree with this thought process but I understand giving they need to make a living. It would be different if it wasn't fixed but to deny that this game hasn't improved is a gross overlook of what this small studio has accomplished.


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I used to pre-order a lot of my games back when GAME was in it's prime. They often listed games years beofre thier release at well below the retail price on release date. So you were rewarded for ordering early by paying less for the game! Even if the game ended up being a bit crappy, it wasnt so bad as you didnt pay an inflated retail price. Even better, the money didnt come out of your account until the game was officially shipped! So if reviews started to turn bad or issues started in development became apparent you could just cancel the order.

Those days are sadly gone so I now never pre-order games.


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One to talk about snake oil salesman.

As for No Man's Sky, the studio behind that has been working hard to redeem the game, far harder than the likes of EA has on Anthem, by point of comparison. One should ask why ResetEra has it in for more independent studios like CDPR and Hello Games but turns a blind eye to EA?

Is No Man's Sky actually worth getting into now? Seems to be on offer fairly frequently and I'm coming to the end of Cyberpunk.