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Out with USB dongles: HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse review

By Julio Franco · 9 replies
Jul 25, 2011
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  1. Wow, if this mouse could only be paired with an "even" 9-day laptop/netbook/ultrabook...
  2. My initial reaction is that the WiFi protocol stack is very heavyweight for an interactive device link and this could result in a slow response time. In contrast low latency and low power is exactly what Bluetooth was invented for.
  3. One important note: this WiFi HP mouse requires not only Windows 7, but a "Win7 logo certified WiFi network adapter." My assumption is that any PC shipped with Windows 7 will be compliant, but some older hardware upgraded from Windows Vista or prior versions may not. If your laptop shipped with something other than Win7, this may be worth looking into.
  4. may be a dumb question...
    are you able to log on too wireless networks and browse the internet while the mouse is connected?
  5. Shawn Knight

    Shawn Knight TechSpot Staff Posts: 8,996   +98

    Yes, you are able to log into wireless networks and surf the web as you normally would with the mouse connected.
  6. The HP wi-fi mouse is a piece of garbage. It worked for a while (a few weeks) and then would no longer be detected. When it was working it took a long time after waking the computer for the mouse to start responding. Now of course, it takes the remaining lifetime of the universe. It was a great idea and I was loving the freeing up of a precious USB port. But alas the thing doesn't work well enough for me to recommend to anyone other than my worst enemy. I imagine many of these mice will end up smashed to pieces on the floor after fed-up users can put up with them no longer.
  7. Sorry for my bad english. I had buyed this mouse before five days. After the installation were the functions O.K. After restart, I had always problems with the internet-wlan. It doesn't works. The mouse-software stops the wlan-adapter. Sorry, this product is garbage.

    Greetings from Germany
  8. I just bought this hp wi-fi mouse for my windows 7 64bit pc . The result is disaster. After spending 3 hours of my time I still could not get it working properly. It pears with computer but somehow the mouse does not work at all.

    As avery satisfied HP user I never and ever think to buy any HP computer accessory anymore. I just threw value of 30 € into the garbage.
  9. I just bought this mice today. I installed and use on my HP pavilion DV7 laptop. It works now perfect... I hope it's gonna be the same for long time...

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