Outlook 2003 incoming messages

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hi all,

has any one seen or heard of this. i have had several users who get an email in outlook 2003, and it just keeps coming in over and over and over. they get it like hundreds of them. the fix i have is to quickly close outlook, then reopen it. and delete all the entries of that email. i am wondering if anyone else has seen this and knows what causes it? we are on an exchange server also.

thank you in advance;


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If the incoming message has not been received 100% (or fully downloaded from the Server) Then the message will be sent again from the Server.

I have seen this when the email message is big say around 1Meg or more (ie usually having large attachments) I suppose the idea there is to not send big emails, or use other means to send these messages (free Servers etc)

Or it can be the Antivirus software slowing down the incoming message too much, until Outlook just gives up and sends it again

Yes I've seen it before.
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