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Outlook Express 6 Sending Multiple Messages

By pema123
Nov 12, 2004
  1. When sending a message in OE6 with photo attachments the recipient receives multiple messages none of which have the photos attached. The number of messages received vary from five or six to as high as 50. I believe the number of received messages may be linked to the size of the outgoing message. I say this because my anti-virus program scans outgoing messages and indicates multiple messages when there is an attachment. For some reason OE6 seems to be breaking the attachments up into individual messages (the larger the attachment size the more individual messages). Something must be corrupt in Denmark. Should I uninstall OE6 and see if a new install will correct the problem?
  2. rictom

    rictom TS Rookie

    outlook express sending multiple emails with attachments

    Did anyone ever answer pema123's question on why OE would send multiple emails, or a single email with multiple attachments when the original email only had one attachment attached?

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