outlook express not opening

By dougbrad81
Apr 18, 2002
  1. hi,
    i need help. my outllok express doesn't open. it only display the splash screen. i've tried everything i know, but to no avail. any help to rectify this problem would be appreciated. or is there a way i can reinstall this? by the way i'm running windows xp. thanks in advance for any assistance.
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    Try loading the task manager when the Splash Screen stays idling. Just hit CTRL + SHIFT + ESC. See if the application is running or if it's frozen.

    It could be a problem with the Data files ( Inbox, Sent messages, etc... ). Try moving your Mail data files. Sometimes when you do so, Outlook starts in a sort of Safe Mode.

    When I launch Outlook Express, MSN is launched at the same time. Maybe Outlook is waiting for MSN to launch. Try launching MSN first & then Outlook.
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    thanks that did it. i ha uninstalled msn and messenger. didn't think it would affect outlook exprees.
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