Outlook how to block accounts?

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Sep 25, 2008
  1. Hi,

    Ive been set the task at work to block previous employees email accounts from receiving emails.

    We use Outlook ... just the basic version as far as i know

    we still wish to access their accounts from time to time as they contain various emails and useful contacts, but we just dont want them to continue to receive emails from external sources

    I dont know if this is possible? Any help would be great

    thanks :D
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    hum; are you're running your own domain name, have a domain server, and
    run the Exchange Server?

    Two kinds of blocking; external (ie Internet) email to the employees and
    internal (employee to employee).

    I would think you need only DROP the email-id(s) from the exchange server
    which would then Bounce all mail back to the originator.
    The other choice would be to FORWARD all email destined to xxx@yourdomain.com
    to a dummy account.

    edit: see filtering for BlackList control
  4. resu

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    cheers guys for you replies. sorry ive taken a while to respond been fairly busy with work and uni.

    @ jobeard.

    yea we are using an exchange server and i would just like to block the accounts online access so that it can only receive internal emails
    the trouble is the emails the account has are useful to refer to and fwding them to another account isn't viable as there are a couple of thousand lol
    i just want to stop the spam that comes in daily.

    thanks again
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    ok. I suggest you first solve the general SPAMMING issue for the whole population
    of users with various filters and then seek more specific controls for specific users.
    Your whole company will thank you!
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  7. resu

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    thanks for the links! im gonna have to give these ago and save the companies inboxes !!!

    thank again
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