Overclockers push DDR4 to record frequency using AMD's Ryzen 4000

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Editor's take: Extreme overclocking of this nature is more about the thrill of the chase than securing stable settings for long-term use. Like auto tuners, there’s something addictive about tweaking hardware and squeezing the absolutely maximum amount of performance from components that were never meant to go that fast. Anyone can milk a few extra clock cycles out of a CPU, GPU or memory subsystem but it takes a true tactician to reach the stratosphere.

Asus’ ROG overclocking team has managed to set a new DDR4 memory frequency world record.

Using an Asus ROG Strix B550-I Gaming motherboard and AMD’s Ryzen 7 4700GE APU, the team, led by Taiwanese overclocker Bianbao XE, managed to push their Crucial Ballistix MAX DDR4 memory to a record-setting 3333.3 MHz (DDR4-6666).

The crew had to loosen memory timings to 30-27-27-58-127-1 (tCAS-tRC-tRP-tRAS-tCS-tCR) to get there. The APU, for those curious, was run at 1889 MHz (17 x 111.11 MHz) at 1.5v and cooled with liquid nitrogen.

Asus’ ROG Strix B550-I Gaming is a mini ITX form factor motherboard, a common choice among memory overclockers due to the shorter trace distances between the memory and CPU. The Crucial Ballistix memory used was a single 8GB stick of DDR4-2666.

Other hardware used during the run included a 60GB Kingston solid state drive and a 500w FSP Fortron power supply.

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So, when they do this extreme overclocking, do they run the system to failure? If not, how do they know they have reached "the top"?


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It's a little long, and not showing an 'aim-for-the-max' overclock, but the following video should give you an idea about they go about things:



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That prove memory controller inside CPU work, it doesn't required external dram controller, look at the cpu clockspeed just 1889.46 MHz with Windows 32 bit :scream:?


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I guess it does speak for their skill as well as the quality of components involved. But yeah, other than that....they were having fun.

Nah... it will enable this person to remember where they forgot their keys faster.


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This makes sense if you're a pro gamer and also an astronaut on ISS. Just put your PC on the outer hull of the space station. The ultimate cooling solution.