Overclocking Abit ip-95

By josh695
Feb 26, 2007
  1. hi,

    could i get some advice as how to change the voltage settings on my abit ip-95 mobo? the only refrence to the voltage settings of the "CPU Vcore" is in an option called hardware monitor found in the bios. the voltage @ 1.264v is grayed out and i cannot access it to change it.

    the other option in the bios is headed "CPU PnP setup" where i find options to change memory voltage and the CPU ext. clock. am i not looking in the right place or do i need to do something to allow me to change the voltage of the cpu?

    some brief info:

    abit ip-95 mobo
    pentium D 915 2.8
    2gb geil 6400 ddr2 ram

    any help appreciated

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