overclocking AMD 64 3200+ @ ECS KV2 Extreme from 2000 to 2500 sucess

By cocineraMG
Oct 30, 2007
  1. Hello this is not a questiom, it´s pleny informative because i'm boring :)

    I´m about to confirm the posibility of overclock an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ socket 939 on a ECS Kv2 Extreme motherboard, from the initial 2000 mhz to 2500 mhz, without liquid freeze or similar, only stock fan.

    On full load it reaches 50º degrees, on idle 36º, with AMD C&Q activated on windows xp.

    The trick is to set an divider into the memory controller, changing from the initial 200 mhz DDR to 166 mhz DDR, and setting up the system bus speed from the initial 200 mhz to 250 mhz,.

    Cpu runs @ 2500 Mhz and memory @ 208 mhz DDR, a little over the nominal speed (200 mhz DDR). I have 2 x 512 Kingstom value ram ddr400

    Needed to say that if u have SATA drives you must to lock the AGP clock in 66mhz for not allow system bus overclock to overclock the AGP clock (don´t know why, but the AGP bus clock uses the same clock than SATA bus clock)

    No more to say, if anyone wants mora information, I will help.
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