overclocking the palomino

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Sep 4, 2003
  1. Justin

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    What are you talking about?

    The t-bred core generates less heat at the same clock speed then the Palomino. Palominos are quite a bit hotter. t-breds use a lower voltage and have a smaller die size. (0.13 micron vs 0.18)
  2. Steg

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    tis true - throughbreads use 0.13 micron process - and run on less volts base - palamino 1.75v = HOT, tbread & barton less (1.65 i think) = less hot

  3. Dantrag

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    with the pci irq's they go alot futher then 6 what are irq...
  4. Dantrag

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    well thought i would post a little on my progress i got it to 2.25ghz stable, but as i was overclocking my 9800 pro and pci cards a put it back to default settings (i've got a kt4 ultra, i can't lock the pci, ram or agp and the deviders on 6 and can't be changed:( ) i'm getting an a7n8x-dx and then i'll OC and if its stable to use dual channel tha would be good :D then my pc will last me a while (i hope :D) i'm gona wait till the 90nm atlon 64 fx is out or if the prescott is better the prescott.
  5. Cucumber

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    Actually all Athlons are unlocked atm, including Bartons.

    These barton overclocks vary alot on the "stepping" of your chip. I got a 2500+ for myself quite a while ago, and it is a very poor overclocker

    2000mhz @ stock volts
    2100mhz @ 1.75v
    2200mhz @ 1.85v

    Luckily my dad got a new PC last week, with a 2500+ in, so i swapped the chips. :D This thing is a super little chip

    This stepping is a AXQEA, so if you have a look on your chip, this should give a rough idea of what yours may achieve

    2300mhz @ stock volts
    2400mhz @ 1.7v
    2500mhz @ 1.825v

    Heres a screenshot after running som stability tests.

    I wouldn't go above 1.85v as a maximum. But as had been said, Go for high FSB over high mhz. I was only at 200fsb in that pic, but my highest 3dmark score of 19500 was with a CPU speed of 2400mhz, and a FSB of 220 (which was faster than 200fsb / 2500mhz)

    Hope this helps

    ...and yes, of course T.breds/Bartons produce less heat than Pallys :rolleyes: a 2100+ which is 1.73ghz???? is VERY hot.

    While as you can see in that picture, @ 2.5ghz im still at 42c.

    ...Just as an extra, @ 2.0v i've got into windows at 2700mhz ...didn't try much tho, likely to Burn Burn Burn
  6. Justin

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    Not entirely true anymore. Newer athlons being sold (not even by AMD, they have contracted another company to release the chips) have a lamenation over the PCB of the processor and they come locked. I'm not sure if pin-modding will still change the multiplier on these lamenated chips or not.

    And about the palomino: Yes, I think it's all agreed that the palomino is a poor overclocking chip, mostly due to its extreme heat output compared to the t-bred and its larger die size. However, you should still be able to reach at least 1720mhz with any palomino, and if you're lucky, 1800mhz is probably within easy reach with stock air cooling. I can hit 2200+ speeds (1800mhz) with my 2000+ at default voltage with only 2-3 C increase in temperature. Nowhere near the same amount of speed I gain from taking my stock 2200+ tbred to 2800+ (2300mhz), but still...
  7. snowman

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    my 2500+ was unlocked. i just changed my fsb in my bios to 200 and BAM i had a 3200+ for a little bit.
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