Overclocking Overheating CPU, AMD Phenom 965

Hey there, my CPU is at 60-70 celsius and around 80-90 under load.
  • Raven 03 Computer Case
  • AMD Phenom II 965 Black Edition 54-90C
  • GTX 560 TI - 35-40C
  • Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
  • 8GB Mushkin
  • WD Velociraptor - 40-50C
I switched cases/motherboard recently, however even before that my CPU would overheat and shut down unexpectedly. I've been recently monitoring my CPU and realized that it is extremely hot and was wondering why. I applied a few fresh dabs of Thermal Paste however it has not helped. I'm currently using the stock CPU cooler, however I'm not using any overclocking so I'm a bit curious as to why it's overheating o.O

Edit: Oh, my hard drive is reaching 44 celsius as well, which I think is rather hot, although it is seated near my CPU and in a area where there are no fans. My GPU never overheats either.


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You should spend the time to track down everything in your system.. where it goes... what it touches... replace the cooler and the cooling fan... check the heatsink to the CPU carefully... in fact I would replace it, and apply new paste.


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Those temps are way too high. Don't mean to state the obvious, but is the CPU fan even spinning? And if it is, how fast? I use Speedfan or OpenHardwareMonitor to check temps and RPMs. The CPU fan should spin at least 600 RPM at idle and maybe 2000 RPM or more under load. The Raven 03 seems to have very good airflow so it's not the problem. I agree with raybay, you should replace the stock cooler. A $30 Cooler Master HYPER 212 Evo should do nicely. My Hyper 212+ keeps my CPU at 26c idle and 39c under load. As for the HDD, I've had a few that run that hot, and it's usually an indication that the end is near. Make sure one of your fans blows through the HDD bay, and run a program such as HDD Health to get your hard drive's health rating.