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page_fault_in_nonpaged_area problem

By T3h Ph0x
Aug 8, 2007
  1. hey, i am decent with computers, but i am horrible at troubleshooting them, especially when a BSOD appears. i never have these issues with my machines, and i usually just format if i come across bsod that i cant fix on other peoples machines.

    my friends laptop, a dell latitude d400, will not start up. he gets the page_default_in_nonpaged_area bsod. I can go into safe mode, but i cannot go into safemode with networking. I understand that this is a memory (allocation?) problem, so i ran memtest in safemode to check the ram. The ram checked out fine after i let it run for a whole hour. after reading up on this error, i found that a nonpaged area is most likely a driver issue. i tried disabling all the network adapters in the bios, and even uninstalled the display adapter cuz the m$ site said to do so. nothing has worked so far.

    i would post some minidumps here, but i have never done them before. i have about 5 of them already, but i dont know how to transfer those dmp files from his laptop. he cant network and it wont let me burn a cd. it also doesnt help that this laptop has no floppy drive and i have no floppy disks anyways.

    any help, whether it be to get those minidump files or how to resolve the bsod would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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