Painful Lesson #1 -- RE the PSU MB Connections

By drshi
Sep 29, 2007
  1. Some MBs have one 20-pin jack; some have a 24-pinner, and some have a 20-pinner and a second 4-pinner. Most new PSUs now come with a 20+4 MB connector, in which case: With a MB having just one 20-pin jack, the smaller 4-pin section of the 20+4 is not used. The entire 20+4 is used with a 24-pin MB jack.

    The tricky part comes with a MB that has two power jacks -- a 20-pinner and a separate 4-pinner. In this case, the smaller section of the 20+4 is the polar opposite of the 4-pin jack and should not be used, even though it can be forced into the jack. Instead, find the PSU's other square 4-pinner that's properly polarized and fits the MB like a glove. I once forced the wrong plug into my MB with, let's just say, less than favorable results.
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    a good rule of thumb is if something doesn't go in smoothly then it's probably wrong

    if you need to force it then it might be the wrong way round or you could just be plain doing it wrong :p
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