palit x1950pro super or xfx 8600gt?

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May 18, 2007
  1. i want to but a mainstream card for my friend which has good price performance ratio. i took two options palit x1950gt super 512mb 256bit and dx10 card xfx 8600gt, both costs me around Rs.8000 - Rs.9000 i.e $175-$190 in my place. which one should i go for at the given price or is there a good substitute for both?
    n i dont think the performance of new dx10 cards is that good as i saw in many reviews, any idea of how dx10 cards of amd/ati would perform?
    im sory, its not pro super,its palit x1950 GT SUPER.
  2. CMH

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    I'd go with the X1950Pro, instead of a DX10 card. DX10 games will be far a few between for quite awhile more, and if game makers are serious about making money, they would put in DX9 support for quite awhile too. By which time, your graphics card should be upgraded anyway.

    Unless you're talking about the 8800s of course, anything else at this very date of post is pretty crap IMO.
  3. padu

    padu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    true, i don think any dx10 wont support dx9, all will have to support atleast till end of this year. n by then i gues all card prices will come down n better versions of 8800 or 2900 will be available. i will go for x1950 gt super.
  4. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    You'd be better off waiting for mid-range versions of the HD Radeon series to release. Then most likely NVIDIA might cut the price on the 8800GTS 320MB and you might even get a good mid-end card from ATi that beats NVIDIA's cards in that segment. The 8600GT is a less than stellar card, so don't bother buying it. If you absolutely need it, get the X1950GT but I'd suggest waiting if you can.
  5. padu

    padu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the problem is i have to gift my friend by june 10th and ati midrange cards r launching sometime in july i guess. so it will be a worthy upgrade after august as even amd quad will be released and many prices will be down, now 4 the old system lets go 4 dx9 itself.
    any idea of when we can get new amd processors as im a bit against intel n will never buy intel even if it has best performance.
  6. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Intel currently has the best desktop processors and AMD cannot beat them there. But pricewise, AMD has really cheap processors available due to their recent price cut, which may make them feasible for people who want to build a decent system for cheap.
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