Culture PayPal cancels plan to open North Carolina operations center in response to state's anti-LGBT law


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Yep, that's a reason I would use to not open an operation center. If seeing two homosexuals making out offends you the welcome to progressive land.

Personally I think their conduct disgusts me but what the hell I'm in the majority so I just have to suck it up, excuse the pun!
My favorite non politically correct pun is: "50% of homosexuals are 'born that way,' the other 50% just got sucked into it!" It might have gone that way for me, but I vigorously and (in one case) violently opposed the attempt. That perpetrator is spending his life (now singing soprano) behind bars.

I defended myself and reported it. At least 18 more came forward and reported it - some as young as 6 were involved as well as many 100's of Polaroids (you remember them, right?) were seized in evidence. He attempted to "groom" me while I was out grooming his yard. Go figure!


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Ah. Another magnificent oratorial piece pulled, maybe because of length. On the plus side, the demonbots of censorship here also pulled a pejorative post on religion referencing the Bible (at least one anyway) that it was in reply to. Perhaps the tech savvy are being pointed back toward the center of technology and emotional/religious commentary on the effects on sociiety will be more limited. Remains to be seen.


Ah. Another magnificent oratorial piece pulled, maybe because of length.
Like I said earlier: home turf. A lot of substantial posts concerning atheism & theism get pulled because "not on topic." Though, since the two worldviews are undeniably relevant to the thread topic, and the philosophical stances being intrinsically central to the issue, I fail to see the reasoning behind the pull.

Methinks too many points were scored by the visiting team.

I'm not claiming this, of course. It just looks that way.