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Pc equivalent to xbox360

By Prevs ยท 9 replies
Nov 12, 2007
  1. Hey guys,

    I was wondering I bought a xbox360 for $800 (aust) incl 2 controllers and 2 games and now I'm having buyers regret, I could have saved up to $400 buying a 8800GTS/GTX instead . What would be the cheapest PC equivalent to the xbox360 in your opinion.

    Currently I have
    - Core 2 Duo Processor E6550
    - Corsair 2GB PC-6400 (800MHz) DDR2 RAM
    - Intel P965LTCK MB
    - Geforce 8400 GS
    - Dell 24 inch 2407WFP-HC
    - 200 GB WD IDE
  2. Brendannaidoo

    Brendannaidoo TS Rookie


    Well im in the same situation but in reverse. Instead of upgrading my pc im going tomorrow to buy me an xbox 360 elite for R5000. Now with that kind of money im sure one can build an equivalent to an xbox.................. or not?
  3. Schmutz

    Schmutz TS Rookie Posts: 126

    I built a AMD6000+/2gb PC6400/7900GT for a friend and its performance in games like Bioshock/Gears/PES2008 is equal to 360's

    all looks like cartoons after playing Crysis though
  4. alexlive01

    alexlive01 TS Rookie

    yeah iam also thinking of buying a xbox... i am fed up with computers
  5. technicalfury42

    technicalfury42 Banned Posts: 62

    A PC equivalent to the xbox 360 would be pretty cheap.

    Don't forget, you only would have to run in 1280x720 w/ 2x FSAA to match the xbox in terms of resolution / quality. And that's if you're playing on an HDTV.

    I suspect an AMD X2 3800+, 2GB of RAM, 7800GT, a decent Creative Labs sound card, and a DVD-drive would match the 360 pound for pound without much of an issue. Especially at SDTV resolutions many play at. You'd be getting 100FPS averages in almost any game. But to look good on a computer, you'd need Geforce 8xxx series card for the newest games to push out 45fps+ minimums at high resolution and FSAA/AF settings.

    I believe the 30hz refresh rate would hard-limit FPS to 30 w/ vsynch on 1080P. Meaning, the equivalent computer would only have to maintain a 30fps minimum to match it. On a computer, however, you'd like to see 45-55fps minimum, with a 60fps+ average, since CRT/LCD have 60hz+ refresh rates (for good reason).

    A reasonable system compromise if you use "looks good on a computer for a computer" and "looks good for the 360 on a regular tv", would probably be an AMD X2 4600+, 2GB, and at least a 7950GT. Anything in the 8XXX series from nVidia and a quad Intel would easily outpace the 360.
  6. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    It all really depends on what games you want to play. If you want to play forza2 then a pc is useless. If you want to play strategy games then an xbox is useless.

    Choose the games you like to play, then the pc or console to match.
  7. technicalfury42

    technicalfury42 Banned Posts: 62

    You can get a controller and even a racing wheel for the PC. The PC can do everything the Xbox 360 can do in terms of interfacing with the game. The 360, however, cannot do everything the PC can, since it does not have keyboard and mouse controls with key-binding. The only thing missing from the PC is "Xbox Live", which facilitates simple voice communications and messaging.
  8. Condor

    Condor TS Maniac Posts: 388

    well who need fortz2 when you got Test Drive Unlimited for the PC? : D

    little video i made for TDU

    When i race, i need to deal great damage to my opponent car like this > : )
  9. Forza and TDU are completely different, i beleive that should be re-worded to something a long the lines of.. *ahem* who needs Forza 2 when you will have GT5 for the ps3 :D

    although TDU is a lush game, i love it. You can get TDU on the 360 so you could have both with a 360.

    Anyway they're different machines, if you want something soley for gaming without the hassle of stuff not working and **** going wrong get a PS3 or 360, but if you want to game and do other things get a PC, or you could get both (which is what i have, my PC is rather old now and i don't really game that much on it, my PS3 axes it)
  10. sensaschess

    sensaschess TS Rookie

    If you want better graphics pc can do more, even xbox 360 can be easily matched. In xbox360 graphics their is part for HDtv but i like RTS games so no way to get into consoles.
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