PC Freezes Randomly

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Feb 5, 2018
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  1. I keep having this issue pop up at random. I have a pretty decent build but for some reason, whenever I start streaming using OBS there is a chance that my pc will freeze at any moment during my stream.

    It doesn't happen all of the time. I can be streaming a high graphic game with no sweat and then stream a game like League of Legends and boom! Frozen screen! I have to hit the reset button on my tower. I don't think it's overheating because I'm monitoring that in a program I downloaded.
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    How come whenever I try posting in this forum, it's coming up with an error saying my post has spam-like content and it's not letting me post.
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    Hi?? I see two posts! Are you trying to add attachments?
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  6. If nothing else works, try zipping it before trying to attach it.
    See attached .zip file---

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