PC freezing

By Lotan
Jun 14, 2010
  1. Hi guys...

    this is my first post here.... i have (windows7) a quadro computer i believe it is model q5400 or q6400 something like that...it has 2gb ram... 500gb hard disk.... i have it over a year....by old graphic card burned so i bought a new one and good one... Geforce GTS 250 Cuda...its pretty good indeed...because i play games like Call of Duty 6 or World of Warcraft....summer came and 2 months ago maximum i started noticing problems....pc freezes while i play...sometimes i wait for 1-2 min....i press ALT CTRL DEL and then after 10-15 secs it unstucks. i didnt pay much attention as it started happening more often.....then as it happened again in the future i noticed that pc crashed ...blue screen appeared and said something Collecting Memory dumb something like that...soz cant say more details because it was happening for 1-2 secs maximum...i installed a programma called HDD TEMPERATURE..... i felt like doint it blaming the heat....the programma showed that the hard disk was at 61 degrees celcious and showed the warning OVERHEAT.........maybe my problem is simple but wanted to discuss it with you guys.... all problems started from the ends of May....i believe coz we have summer...any ideas ?
  2. raybay

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    Heat will do that. First thing to do is find the cause or replace the cooling fan and see what changes.
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