PC froze with malware popups

By datofarid
May 11, 2009
  1. okay last two days i installed avira antivirus and when it starts to scan the pop up message keeps appearing saying that threat detected in my ARES folder (temp. files) and i scanned my PC and lots of (maybe all) dll files were detected as threat. then i didnt click REPAIR all but i cancelled it instead.
    then i restarted my pc and my PC stucked. until today, the screen freezes. i have to open task manager and terminate explorer.exe and open/run it back using task manager. and i cundt uninstall avira when my pc was frozen. i have to open in safe mode and do system restore before i install it.
    then my pc stucked everytime i turn my pc on and have to repat the task manager method. and some of the software cudnt be opened like total video player and after effects. the error report window appears everytime i try to open them and somtimes my pc suddenly restart after that. i can only open it after i reinstall them and if i restart my computer, same problem occurs. and if i open my audition software, it wont open fter the loading windows appear and suddenly gone. and i opened SDFix and it removed some .dll files too. a lot of my softwares are crashed and cudnt be opened. what should i do.? i have tons of my assignments files here and i dont want to lose any of them. is this because of trojan and avira deleted the infected windows file. :(
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    i've already reformated my computer.
    cause it got worse.
    thanks alot pal.
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