PC runs but nothing happens...

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Jun 14, 2007
  1. It all started when all of a sudden my pc locked up while I was playing WoW. I knew right away it was a hardware issure b/c everything just stopped... No Alt-Tab, no Alt-F4, and no Ctrl-Alt-Del... Mouse wasn't responding, and the HDD light wasn't blinking.

    After restarting, I tried booting back up into Windows... got past POST and OS select, but then nothing. So I thought maybe it was a Windows thing. I then restarted and booted up Ubuntu and it worked fine. I installed some updates and checked my email then restarted Windows into safe mode. When that worked I restarted again and booted normally into Windows. Logged in, everythig was going as usual then it suddenly just froze just like last time, nothing would work. I did notice that the CPU temp was about 8 degrees higher than usual, right before it froze. So at that point I opened the case and cleaned a little bit of lint out of the CPU's heat sink, thinking maybe it was overheating.

    Still didn't work. Infact, when turned it on this time, I pressed Del to go into my BIOS and it froze. Now I'm really worried.

    Now not even the monitor will turn on.

    I disconnected all I could and gave it a go, and nothing happens... no beeps no nothing, but everything in the computer is running.

  2. raybay

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    Most likely causes are cpu fan failing, memory module failed, hard drive went belly-up, video graphics card failed, or the monitor itself failed.
    Do you have the experience to rule these out one at a time, or do you want some suggestion.
    We always like to use a Windows 98 or MS-DOS boot floppy in those computers with a floppy drive. You disconnect the hard drive and boot to a floppy to see if you have any thing on the screen because it may work at low boot resolution.
    Do you have a video graphics card in a slot, or do you have onboard video socket?
    If you have more than one memory module, you can remove them one at a time. If you get a screen with the other one, you know it may be memory. Alternate modules and try again.
  3. drinkjones

    drinkjones TS Rookie Topic Starter

    First off, thank you for responding.

    Second, the cpu fan is up and running as usual... It does the same thing with no memory installed... Hard drive spins up and runs smoothly... And the monitor works fine in another computer.

    As for video, I have 2 6800GT's configured for SLI. Since those use PCI express 16 slots, that makes it hard for me to test because I don't believe I know anyone else with PCI 16 cards. What I did do, though, is switch the cards around and still got nothing.

    My best guess thus far is that my video cards keeled over. If I remember correctly, the monitor should come on and you should still get to POST even with a fuzzed up CPU/HDD/RAM.

    If not the video cards, then the mother board.

    Here are the specs if you have any ideas.

    ASUS P5ND2-SLI deluxe mother board
    4 gigs of ddr2 pqi ram
    2 EVGA Nvidia 6800GT video cards 256 meg each
    Intel P4 3.6 dual core HT cpu
    320 Gig WD HDD
    Atec 400 watt PSU

    Thanks again.
  4. raybay

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    Wouldn't have two nVidia 6800GT video cards have been too much for one 400 Watt power supply on a SLI board?

    Did you try with just one 6800GT, then the other... did you try just an old pci card from the junk heap just to test?
  5. drinkjones

    drinkjones TS Rookie Topic Starter

    My mistake, I meant 550 watt power supply.

    And yeah, I did try that... No good. Also, the cards have little LED's on them... both light up green and the GPU fans fire up as normal.

    While I have none lying around at the moment, I will try to get my hands on an old PCI card tomorrow. Good plan.

    I just installed everything needed to run linux, and turned on the computer. What normally would happen when I start my system is right after POST I get to my OS select screen and if no keys are pressed then it boots ubuntu. Once ubuntu is up and running and it goes to the log in screen, it makes a sort of drumming sound. Now, if it were just a video card problem and I simply could not see what was going on and everything was going fine, then I would be able to hear that sound after a few minutes. But I don't hear that sound and therefore I'm failing POST and that makes me think more towards CPU or mother board.
  6. aad1925

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    i've got a problem in my pc, when i turn it on the fans is working but theres no display in the monitor or post message...i've already check the VGA and inserted it on the other mother board, its working....please help me to solve my problem..

    i also have a question "if the processor came from burned mother board and i insert it to the new motherboard, if theres any problem or conflict will happen?"
  7. Tedster

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