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Feb 16, 2006
  1. I have a 2 year old HP Pavillion XP media center version.
    A few months ago, the machine began to turn itself off randomly. After 15 - 30 minutes it can be re-started. When it restarts, it does not give the warning about not shutting down properly and it does not scan the drives for errors. Whenever I load a CD into either the reader drive or the burner drive, it will shut down. Just recently I downloaded a driver for my printer because I knew if I installed it from the CD the machine would shut off. But even this install shut the machine down after about 30 seconds into it.
    I thought it may be a heat issue. For the past month I've run the machine with the cover off and a box fan blowing into it. But it still shuts itself down.

    I have Speedfan installed. Temps range from 80 - 90F. They do not go up just prior to the shutdown. The power supply fan runs around 4600 RPM, the case fan runs around 2000 RPM. I clean the case regularly. The warranty was 1 year. I have scanned and rescanned for viruses and found none.
    Can anyone help me please?????
  2. PanicX

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    When it shuts down, you can't start it again for 15 - 30 minutes?

    I'd think that's a faulty powersupply.
  3. eabigguy

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    I just downloaded and installed the Everest program and found exact names and locations of sensors Speedfan didn't show.

    Motherboard 77F (25c)
    CPU 183F (84c)!!!
    AUX 75F (24c)
    HD 64F (18c)

    I guess this means my CPU is rather hot!!! What do I do about this? Does anyone know where AUX is measured at?
    Thanks for helping thus far.
  4. PanicX

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    Verify that the CPU heatsink fan is working. If not just replace the fan. If it is, then you'll want to get a better heatsink and some premium thermal paste. Also, most cases are designed with airflow in mind, running the case without a side cover could decrease heat dissapation. If you can, add more case fans if HP didn't put them all in.

    AUX just means auxillery and depends on the motherboard itself as to its location.
  5. eabigguy

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    Where would I find the heatsink fan? I can see 2 fans and both have air blowing around them. Thanks for the advice.
  6. eabigguy

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    Being one who wants to learn, I investigated inside the case and located the heatsink. It was behind a fan "tunnel" type of shroud. And get this; the top of the mounting was broken and the heatsink was dangling from the bottom mount clip! I would guess it was probably tilted at about a 25 - 30 degree angle. One end of the plastic mount which the metal retainer clip goes into is broken. I was able to remove the heatsink and wrangle a small wire thru the mount to secure the top of the heatsink. The CPU temp is now running between 150F - 170F.
    I did notice a small, perhaps 1.5 x 1.5 inch of what may be a gasket type material on the CPU. The back side of the heatsink has a "shiny spot" of the same size where it appears to have one time been in contact with the gasket. From what I have learned thus far, I am assuming this is the heatsink transfer point to the CPU.
    My question is do I remove the "gasket" and apply the gel someone mentioned or do I need to replace the gasket?

    You folks have been great. Thanks again for the feedback!
  7. PanicX

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    The gasket is actually called a TIM (Thermal Interface Material) and is a cheap/easy solution for heat transfer. Ideally, you should obtain some Premium Thermal Compound and use it to replace the TIM. To remove the TIM you can normally just peel it off and use some alcohol to remove the residue.

    However, do to the nature of your problem, I'd recommend using Premium Thermal Adhesive to ensure that your heatsink properly maintains contact with the CPU.
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