PC still freezing after reformat and softwares couldn't start

By datofarid
May 25, 2009
  1. hi,
    i just reformated my pc couple days ago.
    and i installed some softwares using old installers.
    but after i install some softwares n restart the pc
    my pc freeze again and have to use task manager to terminate explorer.exe and run it again.
    so i deleted all those old installers and downloaded new ones and seem to be okay.
    but last night i left my pc on to download movies and when i switchd on the monitor this morning i cudnt open my total video player(tvp) and adobe audition 1.5(aa1.5), again.
    when i open my tvp the error report appeard;

    AppName: tvp.exe AppVer: ModName: tvpskin.dll
    ModVer: Offset: 0000df94

    and when i open my aa1.5, it dissapears after loading.if i open control panel and choose "add or remove programs" i cant delete tvp and this error appears.

    "C:\Program Files\Total Video Converter\unins000.msg" is missing.

    i can only reinstall it after deleting it manually from program files.same thing happens if i want to delete Antares program which is a plug-in for aa1.5.
    how can i fix this.? is there any way to scan or detect any missing or corrupted files.?

    and theres another problem.
    before i reformat my C drive, i installed windows to D.
    so after i formated my C, then I reformated D as well.
    so its all clean but in boot screen theres still 2 windows XP options (C and D)
    and i open msconfig and BOOT.INI and clear the unused option which is D.
    if i turn of my computer, my pc doesnt freeze but instead an error window appears.
    it says something about asking me to select normal start up. i didnt change that except for BOOT.INI and if i change to normal start up, both windows XP option will reappear again if i restart my computer.
    and i didnt choose normal start up but selective start up instead, it will then freeze again after restarting.

    **i still keep some other installers from my back up disk, but for tvp, aa1.5, antares, firefox, they are all new.
    **last time when i open my windows live messenger, the same thing like aa1.5 happend, but it dissapeard after sign in.but i havent install it in my new computer so i don't what will happen next.

    thank you.
  2. snowchick7669

    snowchick7669 TS Maniac Posts: 660

    In response to this question (Sorry don't have time to completely address the post, find myself slacking at work haha).

    CCleaner has a nice registry tool option which you can select and it actually scans for missing extensions, left over files and what nots. I'd suggest downloading the latest version of it and running this tool, make sure to do a backup of the registry before proceeding! Just in case you need to revert back to it.

    Good luck! WIll reply later on when I have more time to read :)
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