PC vs CONSOLE gaming

By DonNagual · 193 replies
Sep 21, 2005
  1. SNGX1275

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    Typing in all caps doesn't reflect well on you either when you are calling someone arrogant.

    What are you going to do with higher than 60fps on a console anyway? Your tv isn't going to care. I haven't played a console game since back in the 16 bit days where lag was an issue.
  2. paranoid guy

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    Woah, someone has issues. Yeah I know I selectively edited, sue me. Sounds like you have a problem with people who play consoles, not the consoles themselves. That's pretty stereotypical, and dead wrong. I taught my granny how to play GTA: San Andreas :haha: , and when a few of my mates are here we usually end up killing the crap out of each other in Red Faction 2 :D :grinthumb The thing is, not everyone is hardcore enough to go and get a €2000 pc to play games, I personally only want to spend less than half of that, and the pick-up-and-playability of console games really appeals to me. Pc's may be better most of the time but they should be, they cost way more! It's like putting a thoroughbred racehorse against a donkey, and it's not fair. It's turning into a console-bash-a-thon here. Basically, like I said somewhere else, consoles are better for "light" gaming and multiplayer, but don't get me wrong, there are some hardcore console gamers out there. PC's are (when they're made for gaming) a lot better for single-player and online stuff, so... it depends on what kind of gamer you are. Everyone's right then, in a way. So stop fighting :)
  3. Speed___0___

    Speed___0___ TS Rookie

    Yeah what ever

    pc is way better
    -2 x 512mb 7800gt dual edition
    -fx-60 dual core processor
    -32gb ddr2-800 ram (on 64-bit based systems)
    -better online games
    -fps games are blopdy retarded on consoles cause no mouse
    -lol no msn
  4. Speed___0___

    Speed___0___ TS Rookie

    o and

    and people who buy consoles are cheap unless they also have pc-hehe
  5. jamespoacher

    jamespoacher TS Rookie

    Speed, if your coming from a hardware standpoint, the xbox 360 has a tri core ibm power pc chip, each core is running at 3.2 ghz so thats 9.6ghz worth of processing power, that would eat your fx60 alive.

    this post started off as, which is better for playing a game, not hardware...

    but if your going for hardware, a console can't be beat for sheer compatibility, oh and there is such thing as adapters, eg for mouse and keyboard. to connect my mouse/keyboard to my xbox. and yet there is full functionality as you would expect from playing on a pc.

    so that makes your statement very redundant Speed.

    oh also, what about people with children who are too young to get to grips with a keyboard and mouse eh? like my little brothers, they couldn't use pc's when they were younger (they're only 10 now) but with consoles, they could just pick up the joypad and play straight away, not very good i might add but controllers have the ability of quick usability which most people like in consoles. in addition to the relatively small amount of money that consoles cost compared to a quality gaming PC hand the torch over to consoles as one of the best and "easiest to use" platforms for gaming

    i like pc better though, more games :)

    the fact is, they're going to be rivals for a long time to come, especially where technology is concerned.

    microsoft have engulfed the gaming market too owning one of the most prominent o/s in the world (It's crap though) and also, one of the best selling games consoles in the world, with ther most functionalite, since when has anyone put a HDD in a console before the xbox? none that i know of, tnats because microsoft were building off a PC and using emulation and compression to put games on DVD instead of the usual install on a pc. so basically you could say the consoles are PC's which makes this whole thread a waste of time :).

    put it this way, consoles can't be ligitimately upgraded so they are always going to fall behind after a while and pc's will take over the limelight once again but there will still be a war being waged between maufacturers.
  6. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    They are separate markets, but they depend on each other for survival. And in the end, its the consumers who have to pay, 'cause its their money and they can choose to spend it whichever way they like. A console has its own distinct advantages, the main one being price, which is the main reason ppl buy a $200 PS2 in favour of a $600+ X1900XTX(look who's talking eh? hehe :p). Some games work well on a console, others on a PC but it all boils down to u. It's ur choice(that line kinda reminds me of The Matrix, the blue pill-red pill sequence. :grinthumb)


    Wow, you guys are scary. But I may as well throw in my 2 cents...
    Currently I own a reasonably flash PC (100+ games), a Nintendo Entertainment System (10 games), a Super NES (5 games), a Nintendo 64 (20 games), a Playstation (2 games), a SEGA Master System II (2 games), a SEGA Mega Drive II (4 games) and a whole pile of emulators I love to play. I have been gaming for 20 of my 24 years, and have played more games than I can remember, but I will always choose a PC over the consoles. Visual quality is superior, support is free online, and mod mod mod!

    And might I say persistantthug is a tad uneducated... Not to say consoles are crap - they aren't. It's just that when it comes to flexibility, PC's win over, and now consoles are emulating that; HDD's, USB, wireless, CD and DVD, MP3'z, Emulators, upgrades - it all started with PC's baby.
    To say that console developers are better at coding is a pile of crap, as they have a set piece of hardware to work with, and a set piece of code to adapt to the hardware. The example for Half-Life 2 shows just how techless you are. Do you know what the maximum resolution of an XBox is compared to the maximum resolution of a high end PC? The only reason they could get it to run (and the same with Doom3) is they amount of quality they chopped out of it. It's the same with all console games vs PC games - console = lower visual quality, PC = better visual quality. Quality isn't based on how smooth your games run, it's the graphic mode it is running in.
    And to say that PC's obviously weren't meant for gaming? Do you actually think we need the processors we have for word processing, Media Player and Photoshop? And you wouldn't have graphics accelerators in your consoles if they hadn't been designed and made for PC's first.
    PC games have the better control system as well. Ever seen those game replay's on TV? Console gamers move and look around like a caveman with prehistoric parasites eating his insides. Pc gamers are all look-shoot-move-shoot, not "move forward"-stop-"aim up"-"adjust aim"-shoot. This is also the reason lots of people think consoles are better for gaming - the games are made easier because it is harder to aim and move with same degree of accuracy as on a PC. Half-Life 2 again as an example. They almost take the aim-up, aim-down aspect of the console version out completely. Talk about 2D.
    The fact is, if you don't have as much skill or know-how, a console will appeal to you. PC's are for people with the skills and desire to get the most of what they have, and are not content to let someone else simply set the standard for them. I still play all my consoles, but only for entertainment. PC games are for a challenge.
  8. Speed___0___

    Speed___0___ TS Rookie

    A ha

    triple core 3.2ghz is not 9.6ghz of proccessing power, and the frequency of the cpu doesnt say it all either so, whatever
  9. crazdude

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    thers 2 thing I have to say, first of all, I have noticed pc gamers are all shallow, they can have the ****ties game ever and only beacuse of the graphics they will say its good, am nikt saying comsole gaming is better, I enjoy both computers and consoles, id die of boredom without them, or my guitar, lol. but anyways, games on consoles dont tend to loose a lot of frames nowadays, seeing as games are made for the capabilities of the console, therefore they system can handle it 100 percent. on computer yes, they tend to have better grphics, but at higher prices. if one wants to play games at highest settings all the time, never have to back down he would have to get a new video card like every 2 years, which sucks of course, am not saying people have to do it, but in the range that all consoles can handle their games at max out graphics, when not all computers can. thats a real bummer. am not saying that consoles are better than pcs, or that pcs are better than consoles, they are both fun and it only realy is a person's opinion to claim that one is better, theres not proven facrts,because a game is a lot more than just graphics, one must take the other parts in account also ( char devep, plot, themes, does it make sence? replay value... etc...)
  10. Coolmatt

    Coolmatt TS Rookie Posts: 66

    I know that the next CoD is NOT coming to PC.
  11. truflip

    truflip TS Rookie Posts: 390

    has someone mentioned yet that xbox360 only plays on like.. max 1000x800 sometin widescreen res? ive seen some ppl playing like.. 1600x1200 n some go widescreen on gaming PCs..
  12. pkroks

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    PS 3 comes out in Nov. It will pwn xbox so who cares. lol
  13. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    That remains to be seen. So far, X360 is king coz it's snapped up market share due to Sony's late launch of the PS3.
  14. outlando

    outlando TS Rookie Posts: 17

    At least with a PC you don't have to use some sh177y controller
  15. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    For some games that actually is a necessity on the PC. Take Prince of Persia(Sands of Time and onwards) for example. Sure u can play it with a keyboard, but it's way easier with a gamepad.
  16. outlando

    outlando TS Rookie Posts: 17

    But they're horrible!
  17. whtddusy516

    whtddusy516 TS Enthusiast Posts: 113

    pshhh only 3rd party developed controllers suck (mad catz, pellican) most of the time you cant go wrong with wired controllers or 1st party wireless

    i dont take sides, its nice the consoles i can get reviews about how a game runs on the machine, and it wont change, with pc's they review them on high end settings...which is out of my reach lol

    but still...you cant do as much as you can on a pc than with an xbox or something...but thats not what this topic is about lol
  18. outlando

    outlando TS Rookie Posts: 17

    TBH I could never get on with any of the gamepads, even back in the day when I was trying to play NES and SNES games. Nothing beats the keys and mouse combo for me.
  19. WinDoWsMoNoPoLy

    WinDoWsMoNoPoLy TS Rookie Posts: 252

    I don't see how you all are comparing a PC to a Console. A console is a PC beaten down to one aspect of what a PC can do, run games.

    When you run a game on a PC it is running over the OS. The game is not the priority, Windows will not turn off a service it is not using to give the game more CPU usage or memory. It uses what is leftover from the OS's processes.

    Now on the other hand when you run a game on console you do still have an OS. But you can't compare it to a PC's which can recognize, open, and edit hundreds of file formats, i dont see you editing HTML or posting a thread like this on your XBox360. So on a console the priority is the game. Thats what the console does, it runs games.

    Which brings me to what i wanted to talk about. With a PC game you can change the game, look at Neverwinter Nights and its Aurora Toolset. Without the toolset the game would of been dead long ago. If you look in the server list in that game you will see very few modules being hosted that were actually made by Bioware. Counterstrike, another example, they incorporated Warcraft 3 into a mod allowing you to level up and learn skills and abilities like entangling roots which wraps your target in roots making them immobile like the heroes do in Warcraft 3.

    All of that was done with what you play the game on. A console cannot edit anything like that. This is why PCs will allows be superior to consoles.

    And also, right this second i am playing Lineage 2 in a window, running GAIM connected to irc.starchat.net, MSN, and AIM and listening to Tool all while typing out this thread.

  20. whtddusy516

    whtddusy516 TS Enthusiast Posts: 113

    kudos...also if you ever experience frame rate problems on a pc you can easily fix it via drivers or changing the settings :)

    lets see xbox do that haha

    i want to see them make Shadow of the Collosus for the PC...i was stunned by what the PS2 did with it (even though it wasnt the greatest)...just imagine what kind of graphics a pc could dish out :D
  21. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    Yeah but a PC would need a lot of expensive hardware(around $4000) to run the games at the kind of details possible on an X360. It all boils down to $$$. The X360 is available for $400, which is like 10% of the price of an equivalent(or possibly, more powerful)PC.
  22. WinDoWsMoNoPoLy

    WinDoWsMoNoPoLy TS Rookie Posts: 252

    Read my system specs. I run Lineage2 with a NVidia Geforce4 MX440.

    And that was my point in my post, you have to spend more because on a PC the hardware you have has to support a much more needy OS.
  23. Draven_X

    Draven_X TS Rookie Posts: 18

    Claiming a PC is more superior than a console because you can chat on MSN, AIM, mIRC, listen to music and type on a board is inane. A console isn't made for silly chatrooms. It is made for gaming. You don't buy a Playstation or an Xbox to talk to a fat guy named Tiny who goes under the alias CaliGurl17 on AIM. You buy it for gaming. Also a lot of people try to justify how the PCs graphics are more superior with a top end card. The average consumer is not going to spend over $400 for a card when they can get a console for that much. The average consumer wouldn't tell the difference. Oh look Charlie can you see the shade coming off the tree. You can only achieve that with my Superduper Graphix Card x10. Also for the guy who mentioned frame rates. The console is set to run thier frame rates without having to worry about updating thier drivers. So to even mention that is just silly. To keep a top of the line PC people would have to spend at the very least $2000 that includes everything. That is a price of a used car. The average consumer won't spend that. Plus there is still no garuntee the game would work. Only a small percentage of computer users have hardcore gaming rigs. The question of which is better is rhetorical. You will have the hardcore pc gamers who will swear by thier machines. Then there is the hardcore console gamers who will swear by thier machines. It all boils down to preference and money. Some people invite friends over and play on consoles because you really can't huddle 10 people around a 19" LCD. Some people rather tote thier $1500+ PCs to LAN parties. So people have the money to buy a console and buy a few games that will work. Some people have the money to build a pc and buy games and if they dont work upgrade you pc until they do. A lot of people make the debate that FPS are better on pc because of the mouse and keyboard. Well how hard is it to move a cursor onto an enemy? Now imagine trying to line up a shot with two thumbsticks. Personally I like a challenge. Now if you're going to keep on this debate atleast keep the pc end to strictly gaming and keep the average gamer in mind. We all know a console isn't ment to talk in chatrooms or surf the net. So please don't use this inane argument. Also we all know you can't uprgrade the console with the next $400+ card. So please come up with something more credible. For the record I like both PC and Console gaming equally. Just depends on the game.
  24. WinDoWsMoNoPoLy

    WinDoWsMoNoPoLy TS Rookie Posts: 252

    You want me to stick to gaming? PCs can be upgraded, consoles cant.
    Thus PCs are superior.

    Also, you cant "change" the game on a console without having alot of knowledge.(IE. accessing you xbox, hex editing the files) With computers you can do it generally easily which makes PC gaming better.

    Made by the people for the people, or made by the corporate millionaires for the people? Of course that isn't always bad, but those same Halo2 maps get really old on XBox Live.

    Take Neverwinter Nights for example, most mods are custom made. They have a patch out called the CEP(community expansion pack). Which includes hundreds of new character items, images, and more. That another expansion set for free, and you can even create your own items and submit them to the CEP creators and they can be included in it in the next update.
  25. Draven_X

    Draven_X TS Rookie Posts: 18

    Again pc's can be upgraded. Yet at a cost which is usually more than a console. The average consumer will not spend that kind of money. If you think by uprgrading something makes it more superior than so be it. Go buy a 1988 Dodge Aries. You can upgrade the tires. So it must be more superior than a 2005 Dodge Stratus.

    True you cannot 'change' or upgrade a console without knowledge. However the same reasoning can be true with PCs. Again the average consumer or novice PC gamer wouldn't know how to edit files or maybe even change out a CPU fan. It's easy for us because we know and we've done it. However we are more than average if we wern't we wouldn't be on this board.

    I don't play Halo 2 so I couldn't tell you how old maps are. Some games get news maps while others wait and bring an expansion pack or a new sequel. Most game companies come out with a sequel or an expansion pack because it is more money and profit for them. Rather than releasing a couple new maps.

    I havn't played Neverwinter Nights however you are forgetting one thing. The custom mods are only applicable 'if' the game plays on the average gamers PC. With a console there is no guessing game. If they were able to get it to work how many average/casual gamers are going to have the knowledge to create thier own items? I used to create a bunch of items for the original Sims but although it was very popular not many people did it.

    You have to look at this from outside the box. On a casual gamers list of priorities. How many games for the PC is he/she going to build a highend PC for? Hoping the games will work. How many will go out an buy a console because they know it will work? Some of the top rated and highest selling games over the past few years have been for the console. With that much hype do you think the average/casual gamer is going to buy/build a dedicated gaming rig for thousands of dollars? Then have to keep upgrading to stay ahead of the games. Or buy a console and a game for under $500?
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